My Observations

Murder on Ice

Episode 4

Physical Items

  • Coaster
  • Contact Letter
  • Direct Message Screenshots
  • Dogsitter Directions
  • Keychain
  • Marcus's Invitation
  • Newspaper Article
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Sticky Note
  • Town Map


  • Three Pines Case




  • What is the address of Nathan's second residence?
  • What is the security code of Nathan's second residence?

Physical Items



Nathan "accidentally" stole this.

Contact Letter


Sophia needs us to find the address of Nathan's second house so that she can break in and do some more espionaging.

Direct Message Screenshots

Observation #1

Nathan said he found a camera at the rink and suspected someone (Kingston) of spying on routines.

Observation #2

Nathan broke up with Anne via text.

Dogsitter Directions

Observation #1

Nathan mentions the "old place at #26".

  • Could this be his other house?

Observation #2

He started to give a hint as to the door code.

  • He applied the scores he and Anne had discussed previously to a default.



Nathan found this at a tourist spot across town while walking his dog.

Marcus's Invitation


Why was Marcus wanting to "get to know" Carol more all of a sudden?

Newspaper Article


This is the article Kingston wrote splaying Nathan's dirty laundry and opening up an entirely new investigation.

Quick Start Guide

Observation #1

This was Nathan's guide for how to set up the alarm code of his second house.

Observation #2

The default code is 87654321.

Sticky Note

Observation #1

The H&L Program is what Nathan discussed with Anne in the direct messages.

Observation #2

If we can find the points earned for each of the bulleted routines, we can figure out what he had to reset his alarm code to for his second house.

Observation #3

Lillian's and Harrison's posts on the Three Pines Case website offer a little insight.

  • Ch Sq → +1
  • S Sp → -1
  • 3 Tw → 0
  • 2 S → +4
  • 2 S → +3
  • 2 Li → +3
  • P Sp → +5
  • 3 FTh → +5

Town Map


WTF kind of map is this?!


Three Pines Case





5:00 AM

  • Carol Donnelly arrived at the rink.

5:45 AM - 5:50 AM

  • Kingston Lee arrived at the rink.

6:00 AM

  • Carol Donnelly began work.

7:15 AM

  • Marcus Lourdes arrived at the rink.

7:30 AM

  • All rink attendees began arguing.

9:00 AM

  • Carol Donnelly stepped out for breakfast in the staff lounge.
  • Marcus Lourdes left the rink to go to the gym.

10:00 AM

  • Kingston Lee left the rink before returning some time after.
  • Approximate time that Sofia de la Torre got into an argument with Nathan LaPalma.

10:12 AM

  • Anne Campbell was snooping in Nathan LaPalma's office for his agenda book.

10:13 AM

  • Sofia de la Torre left the building.

10:14 AM

  • Approximate time of death of Nathan LaPalma.

10:19 AM

  • Kingston Lee reported Nathan LaPalma's murder to the police.


Guilty Until Proven Innocent

  • Carol Donnelly
  • Harrison Campbell
  • Lillian Varma
  • Marcus Lourdes
  • Anne Campbell
  • Kingston Lee
  • Sofia de la Torre


What is the address of Nathan's second residence?

26 Bunyan Drive

What is the security code of Nathan's second residence?