My Observations

Murder on Ice

Episode 3

Physical Items

  • ASA Complaints
  • Ashtray
  • Bulletin Post
  • Card from Nathan
  • Contact Letter
  • Dog Tag
  • Marcus's Memo
  • Note from Lillian
  • Rink Rules


  • Three Pines Case




  • What is the keypad combination for Nathan's office?
  • What is the password for Nathan's computer?

Physical Items

ASA Complaints

Observation #1

Nathan apparently brought his dog to the rink daily.

Observation #2

I wonder if the footage Nathan confiscated from Kingston is stored in his office.


Observation #1

This is a very nice ashtray. I'll definitely be using it.

Observation #2

It states: "Best Coach Five Years in a Row".

Bulletin Post

Observation #1

The keypads on the office doors require a 7-digit code.

Observation #2

Nathan's actually disregarded 5 (!!) rules of the rink.

Card from Nathan


This is a card from Nathan to Lillian telling her they can no longer practice a certain move.

Contact Letter


Our objective in this episode is to find the combination for the keypad of Nathan's office in order for Sofia to gain access.

Dog Tag


Nathan's dog's name is Lutz. It must have been a birthday present.

Marcus's Memo


Marcus lays down the law while revealing numerous rules that have been violated.

Note from Lillian

Observation #1

This is a note from Lillian to Marcus.

Observation #2

She apologizes for her emails to him from Episode 2 and says she preferred his coaching over Nathan's.

Observation #3

She couldn't handle Nathan telling her the truth about not being able to perform a certain way due to her illness and time constraints.

Rink Rules

Observation #1

Based on one of Harrison's private Birdl posts and his card to Lillian, Nathan broke rules 12 and 17.

Observation #2

Nathan drew what looks like a scribble in the upper-left corner of this poster, but it is actually an intricate design.


Three Pines Case





5:00 AM

  • Carol Donnelly arrived at the rink.

5:45 AM - 5:50 AM

  • Kingston Lee arrived at the rink.

6:00 AM

  • Carol Donnelly began work.

7:15 AM

  • Marcus Lourdes arrived at the rink.

7:30 AM

  • All rink attendees began arguing.

9:00 AM

  • Carol Donnelly stepped out for breakfast in the staff lounge.
  • Marcus Lourdes left the rink to go to the gym.

10:00 AM

  • Kingston Lee left the rink before returning some time after.
  • Approximate time that Sofia de la Torre got into an argument with Nathan LaPalma.

10:12 AM

  • Anne Campbell was snooping in Nathan LaPalma's office for his agenda book.

10:13 AM

  • Sofia de la Torre left the building.

10:14 AM

  • Approximate time of death of Nathan LaPalma.

10:19 AM

  • Kingston Lee reported Nathan LaPalma's murder to the police.


Guilty Until Proven Innocent

  • Carol Donnelly
  • Harrison Campbell
  • Lillian Varma
  • Marcus Lourdes
  • Anne Campbell
  • Kingston Lee
  • Sofia de la Torre


What is the keypad combination for Nathan's office?


What is the password for Nathan's computer?