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⍻ Encoded Note 1

⍻ Encoded Note 2

⍻ Gwen's Letter

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Physical Items

Bridge Proposal

  • There is some kind of stain (like from a gloved thumb) on the right side, about 3/4 of the way down.
  • This is documentation of Beth's attempt to form a committee for the bridge restoration.

Clarence's Letter

  • Cora was Clarence's twin sister.
  • If Cora had been dead for over forty years, how come Beth was adamant to memorialize her?
    • And why was Clarence so against the idea?
  • The way Clarence detests his own reflection suggests that he and Cora were identical twins.

Encoded Note 1

  • The handwriting on this note matches that of Jody Hendricks' note to Beth from Episode 2.
  • Count the number of stars in the constellation.
    • There are 11.
  • Shift all of the coded letters backward in the alphabet by 11.
  • Once deciphered, the words read:
    • "MY VOTE"
    • "BRIDGE"

Encoded Note 2

  • The tone of this note makes it sound as if it is from Joey Hendricks to his dad, Martin Hendricks.
  • Count the number of stars in the constellation.
    • There are 14.
  • Shift all of the coded letters backward in the alphabet by 14.
  • Once decoded, the words read:
    • "PAPERS"

Gwen's Letter

  • Gwen gives us a rundown on some of the items she sent us.
  • She also gives us a general list of suspects to go by based on the items received in this shipment.
    • Martin Hendricks
    • Jody Hendricks
    • Josiah Hendricks
    • Clarence Reaver

Ink Pad

  • This may be used in conjunction with the stamp if you wish to use it.

Member List

  • Edward Gundy's name and signature are crossed out at the bottom...


  • This photo is from the Navigators Clubroom.
  • Written across the bottom is the message: "The stars' number illuminates our secrets."
    • This is a hint to use the constellations to decipher the coded messages within.

Pocket Mirror

  • According to Reverend Reaver, Beth gave this item to him as a gift.
  • Inscribed on the front cover is: "Remember 1979".
    • This must be the year Cora perished.


  • This belonged to Gwen's dad.
  • It may be used in conjunction with the ink pad if you wish to use it.

Vote Record

  • This just has a bunch of constellations on it.
  • Each constellation represents a council member.
    • 2 of the constellations match other documents in this episode.


Michelle Gray Investigations

  • Username
    • Your personal email
  • Password
    • PORTER


  • Password
  • KeepSafe
    • Password
      • IWUF
    • CORA
      • The password hint is: "The departed shifts in the reflection of the year."
        • The keywords are "departed", "shifts", "reflection", and "year".
      • The year on the mirror is 1979.
        • Now, what word do we shift from?
        • Maybe "CORA"?
      • "Reflecting the year turns it into "9791".
        • Shifting "CORA" forward using this number gives us "LVAB".
        • This is the password for the folder.
      • Bridge Proposal
        • This is a copy of Beth's bridge proposal.
          • It includes the missing "Pg. 2".
      • Bridge Grp Email Thread
        • You will not get a response if you send Rocksteady an email from an outside provider.
          • Try clicking directly on the link within the thread to send them a message.
        • A general "we will get back to you" response should arrive in your inbox folder right on this site, regardless of what you sent.
          • For shits and giggles, I wrote "Address too long" in the subject line and "Who killed Beth?" in the body message.
        • The Rocksteady Support meetings are held every Friday between 9 PM and 10 PM.
        • One of the testimonials mentions that Reverend Reaver calmed her down during a fireworks testing.
          • Fireworks were being tested the night of Beth's murder.


  • Clarence Reaver
  • Jody Hendricks
  • Jordan Woodard
  • Josiah Hendricks
  • Martin Hendricks
  • S̶a̶m̶a̶n̶t̶h̶a̶ ̶G̶u̶n̶d̶y̶


4:43 PM

  • Samantha Gundy closed her shop.

4:45 PM

  • Elizabeth Ferris-Hendricks arrived at the Mariner's Lodge Hotel to meet with Gwen Ferris.

6:00 PM

  • Elizabeth Ferris-Hendricks met with her daughter Ruby Hendricks for dinner.
  • Josiah Hendricks claims he had dinner with Elizabeth Ferris-Hendricks and Ruby Hendricks, yet Ruby didn't mention him in her statement, only her mother.

7:00 PM

  • Ruby Hendricks ran home to find an empty house.

8:00 PM

  • Elizabeth Ferris-Hendricks had planned to "sort things out with Clarence" [Reaver].

8:43 PM

  • Approximate time Jordan Woodard left the party.

9:00 PM - 9:50 PM

  • Samantha Gundy was in the Navigators Clubhouse.

9:00 PM - 10:00 PM

  • Reverend Clarence Reaver was in attendance of the weekly Rocksteady Support group meeting.

9:10 PM

  • Time of Elizabeth Ferris-Hendricks' last comment on Good Fences.

9:30 PM

  • Martin Hendricks abruptly left his residence because he was late for a meeting with his son, Josiah Hendricks.
  • Gwen Ferris called Martin Hendricks to check on the hotel pool's pump room. He was stuck there fixing it and missed his hang session with his son.

10:00 PM

  • Martin Hendricks was supposed to meet with his son, Josiah Hendricks, on their family boat. Martin had to cancel and Josiah claims he remained on the boat until morning.

10:13 PM

  • Latest time Beth Ferris-Hendrick's body could have entered the water.

10:43 PM

  • Elizabeth Ferris-Hendricks' watch stopped.

11:00 PM

  • Martin Hendricks finished fixing the hotel pool's pump and headed home.


Subject Line


Who is innocent?

  • Clarence Reaver