Bar Tab

  • The time the tab was printed out was 8:43 PM. This is approximately the time that Woodard left the bar.

Bridge Tragedy Article

  • On the backside is an article about the renovation delay of the sewage treatment plant.
    • karst = landscape underlain by limestone which has been eroded by dissolution, producing ridges, towers, fissures, sinkholes, and other characteristic landforms

Business Card

  • This is AWESOME!!
  • Pressing the "power button" in the bottom-left corner turns on a green light and lights up the 3D business card.


  • This is a healing crystal left on Beth's desk by Sam Gundy.


  • Okay, this is just weird.
  • There a captain (?) atop a hill, over a pipe splurging out toxic waste into a body of water with dead fish, a boat with a woman being held captive in a cage, and a Buddha figure on a rocket ship flying away from a flaming sun made of zodiac symbols on a clock face with Roman numerals and keys...
  • The clock face sun is actually a coded alphabet that we can use with the instructions on the back of the Lighthouse Festival flyer.
  • Starting from the top, working clockwise, the symbols represent A, B, C, D, etc.

Gwen's Letter

  • Gwen has done some more digging and got us a number of clues.
  • It appears Beth was looking into the Navigators Club before her death, and Gwen is now following that lead.


  • These are written on the back of the Lighthouse Festival flyer.
  • Note the use of the word "kiddo" in the salutations.
  • This is used with the clock face sun doodle.
  • If a symbol has a small "2" written next to it, that means go around the clock face twice while continuing the alphabet.


  • Once deciphered, the coded words read:
    • "BREAK INTO"
    • "SPARE"
    • "DATE"
    • "MONTHS"
    • "DAD"


  • This is a regular pen with the inscription: "Mallory Rock, ME EST. September 1690".

Town Council Meeting Transcripts

  • Sam Gundy was tardy...
    • She was approximately a half-hour late.
    • It was her third time being late to a council meeting...
  • Why did Clarence want the scholarship to not honor his sister anymore?

Town Council Newsletter Article

  • The "clock face" on the doodle was surrounded by sun rays.


Michelle Gray Investigations
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  • Password
    • PORTER


  • Password

  • Good Fences
    • Eddie Gundy uses the word "kiddo".
      • We can assume the instructions on the back of the Lighthouse Festival flyer were from him to his daughter, Sam Gundy.
  • JWE Site
    • Calling the phone number on the homepage will bring you to an automated message.
    • What is up with the pizza ad being on every single page? It was also on the back of the bridge article.
      • Is Jordan affiliated with this shop somehow?


Remaining Suspects

  • Clarence Reaver
  • Jody Hendricks
  • Jordan Woodard
  • Josiah Hendricks
  • Martin Hendricks
  • Samantha Gundy


Running Timeline

4:43 PM

  • Samantha Gundy closed her shop.

4:45 PM

  • Elizabeth Ferris-Hendricks arrived at the Mariner's Lodge Hotel to meet with Gwen Ferris.

6:00 PM

  • Elizabeth Ferris-Hendricks met with her daughter Ruby Hendricks for dinner.
  • Josiah Hendricks claims he had dinner with Elizabeth Ferris-Hendricks and Ruby Hendricks, yet Ruby didn't mention him in her statement, only her mother.

7:00 PM

  • Ruby Hendricks ran home to find an empty house.

8:00 PM

  • Elizabeth Ferris-Hendricks had planned to "sort things out with Clarence" [Reaver].

8:43 PM

  • Approximate time Jordan Woodard left the party.

9:00 PM - 9:50 PM

  • Samantha Gundy was in the Navigators Clubhouse.

9:10 PM

  • Time of Elizabeth Ferris-Hendricks' last comment on Good Fences.

9:30 PM

  • Martin Hendricks abruptly left his residence because he was late for a meeting with his son, Josiah Hendricks.
  • Gwen Ferris called Martin Hendricks to check on the hotel pool's pump room. He was stuck there fixing it and missed his hang session with his son.

10:00 PM

  • Martin Hendricks was supposed to meet with his son, Josiah Hendricks, on their family boat. Martin had to cancel and Josiah claims he remained on the boat until morning.

10:13 PM

  • Latest time Beth Ferris-Hendrick's body could have entered the water.

10:43 PM

  • Elizabeth Ferris-Hendricks' watch stopped.

11:00 PM

  • Martin Hendricks finished fixing the hotel pool's pump and headed home.


Subject Line


Where is the spare key to the Navigators Club located?

  • sundial

Subject Line


What is the 6-digit code for the clubroom door?

  • 091690

Subject Line


What is the passphrase to access the camera program?

  • Ad astra per aspera.