• Beth's analog watch stopped at 10:43, meaning that's the rough time her body entered the water.
  • Tests on similar watches show they can be waterproof for 30 minutes up to 7 hours after fully submerged.
  • Since Beth met with Gwen at 4:45, she was killed well less than 7 hours before her watch stopped working.
  • The murder weapon appears to have been a hard, squared object measuring approximately 1.27 x 3.81 cm, and struck Beth at a 60-degree angle.
  • The ME gives us a window for Beth's death.
    • 3:43 - 10:13

Beth's Planner Page

  • This document gives us more information for our timeline.
  • Her meeting with Jordan Woodland Enterprises was canceled.
    • Why would she have to return docs? And what docs?

Beth's Stone

  • The word "hope" is inscribed on this marbled brown stone.

Crumpled Note

  • On Good Fences, Sam talked about a woman having issues with her husband and him stepping out on her for another woman.
  • This note is from Sam to Joey, Beth's husband. The note in and of itself, sounds suggestive where she wants Joey over not for the ceiling leak but to take care of something else...
  • There are circles on the back of the note. Reading the words from the other side of the note that line up with the circles reveals a hidden message from Sam to Joey:
  • This confirms that Sam was the woman Joey was having an affair with.

Family Statements

  • Hmm, so Mrs. Hendricks is normally a light sleeper, but after Mr. Hendricks helped her with her meds, she was a sound sleeper...?
  • The statement gives us a lot of information to build our timeline for events the day of Beth's death.

Gwen's Letter

  • How is a stone evidence of a murder?

Jody's Note

  • Jody gave Beth some advice on how to handle her relationship with Joey.


  • This is a silver anchor with a heart at the top.
  • On one side of the heart are etched the words: "Risk Taker".
    • This necklace must have belonged to Sam Gundy.

Store Flyer

  • This is a notice Sam put up about closing her shop due to bad juju.
    • Did Beth go there and confront her about her affair with Joey?
  • What an odd time to close, 4:43...