What's Goin' On?


I look up at the sky

And I can't see why

People throw their lives away

For something that just takes away

All this stuff is bullcrap

I can't see how they can believe that

You're on your own

That's the way it is

In this life

You are your only friend

They say we are

The future of this nation

But how can we be

If what we need is what we're missin'

How can we learn

When we have nowhere to turn

The school's all in debt

Really causes such a fret

Cuttin' classes here and there

How can we learn that way, my dear

We're supposed to expand our minds

But how can we if we don't have time

Life is sad

Life is bad

And when you're not lookin'

Life'll kick you in the ass

All this stuff is bullcrap, hey

I can't believe they can even think that way

Hating everybody 'cause the color of their skin

Why can't they just look at the person within

Callin' people fat

And callin' people skinny

I don't care if you hate me

This is the end of my little diddy