What the Hell?


Why does this world

Have to be so damn cruel

Walkin' home one day

People givin' you the finger

What's with a finger

Just one little finger

That gets us riled up inside

Makes us wanna scream out loud

Makes us wanna rip

Those creeps all apart

And tear out their insides

'Til they can't scream no more

Kill! Kill! Kill!

That's what goes through my head

When someone does to me

What people like them just did

They don't think I'll fight back

Just 'cause I seem quiet

They don't know what's capable

There'll be hell to pay if they do

They'll be sorry if they find out

And cryin' for their mommas

They'll be in such pain

They'll wish they could die

But I won't let them die

'Cause I cannot die

They'll sit there and suffer

Like they make me suffer

They'll be beggin' for mercy

But that ain't what they get

They only get my anger

My hatred and my fist

They have no reason

To do that to me

But I have a reason

To do it to them

You may think the golden

Rule doesn't apply here

But it does, "Do unto others

As you wish them to you"

What the hell

They do that to me

So they deserve it

Ten times back