Tell Me Why


Why am I with him

Why me

Why me

Why does this always happen to me

I think I get the best

It turns out to be not

It is always

The total opposite

Nobody cares for me

Nobody loves me

They tell me they do

But really, they do not

It is so obvious

When they treat me like this

Like I'll understand

And let it pass

Like I'll stand aside

In the back

Like I won't get hurt

Yeah, fuckin' right

How stupid can people be

I don't know how much longer

I can take this shit

Maybe it'll be over soon

Then everything will be

Back to normal

Just the way

It's supposed to be

They'll get back together

Cuz he's really not over her

If he's gonna do that

I'm not giving in

Why am I putting

Myself through this

Through all this pain

And all this misery

I just want to

Go home

Go home and be alone

Forever and eternity