Should We Really Do This?


Taking what I can get

That's what I gotta do

Chills, chills, chills

That's what I got

Sometimes I think I know you

Other times I'm not sure

One minute you'll be a friend

The next you'll be a stranger

How well do I know you

Really, how well

Well enough to let you inside

We'll have to wait to find out

You make me sad

By dumping me

And then coming back

And accepting me

You toy with my feelings

So why do I still like you

Someone please tell me

Why I took you back

I promised myself I wouldn't

But look what I've done

I've taken you back

And now I'm letting you in

Letting you in deeper than before

Someone please tell me

Why I'm doing this

I don't even like you anymore

Some friendships are better left

Without taking the next step

So help me out here

Will we still be friends after