Get away from me

Please, get away from me

I don't want you by me

No more, no more

Leave me alone

Please leave me alone

Can't you see

How much you scare me

Why must you do this

What's your reason

What did I do

To make you do this

You're freakin' me out

Please get away

Don't come any closer

Or I'll scream

Right now I'm screamin'

Inside of my head

So don't come no closer

Or you'll hear it too

Please don't touch me

You sicken me now

How could I have loved you

I hate you so now

Get away from me, please

It's so unbearable

You're driving me crazy

More than I was

Someone please help me

We're all alone now

Someone please help me

Before he hurts me now

It's happened before

But it's worse this time

Don't come so close

Keep your hands off me

I said "No!"

Don't you know what that means

It means get off me

Before you do what you please

I know you been schemin' this

For a while now

Finally puttin' it into effect

Everything's gotta go your way

Get off, get off, get off

Or I'm gonna tell

When you get through with me

You're gonna pay so bad

Your life'll be a living hell

Just wait and see

Think I'll keep quiet

Just wait and see