Insane Asylum, Part 2



You have been kidnapped and trapped in an unknown place. You found a key in your pocket and used it to open a door. A monster who must have been guarding the door confronted you. With the help of a mysterious man whose mouth has been sewn shut but managed to open it and tell you what to do, you killed the monster. The man told you that you are in an insane asylum and that a doctor, his father, is conducting experiments on the residents. Unspeakable experiments. You then found out that the doctor knows who you are.

"So this doctor, your dad, knows who I am?" you ask, still dazed from what has happened.

"Yes, he does," the thing, that you found out is actually a man, says in his scratchy voice.

"What's your name?" you ask, not wanting to refer to him as "it".

"I - I don't remember," he says in a voice that is almost a whisper.

"How did you lose your arms?" you ask and immediately regret.

"When the doctor was sewing my mouth shut, I guess. I pushed him off me too much."

You shudder as your imagination takes hold of this comment.

"But none of this is important. Follow me," he says.