Look at me

I am dirty

Do you think I'm pretty

Or do you agree with all of them

Nobody knows me

Not even dear old mommy

They lost me when I was still young

They'll never gain me back

Look at me

What do you see

Do you see a princess

Or do you only see dirt

You be the judge

I don't care what you think

Don't pretend to be my friend

'Cause I don't want you

Don't come near me

I like my solitude

Leave me in the dark

I don't need no light

Keep your phoniness

To yourself

I can see

Right through you

Look into the mirror

And you'll see me

I am everyone

Whether you admit it or not

I am what grows

Inside you and

All your friends


See my black heart

As it lies still in my chest

It hasn't been beating

Since I was born

This is the real me

You be the judge

Do you think

You wanna get to know me