Goodbye Forever


Keep away from me

Never misunderstand me

My life is a living hell

I burn in it every day

Would you care to join me

If not, then face the other way

Your life'll be over soon

Within the blink of an eye

You leave me with nothing again

Look through these blackened eyes

All you are is

A stupid little pup

Following whoever

Will lead you

Your brain is gelatin

Soft and putty

Waiting to be molded

Like clay

You know not

Of others' feelings

All you care about

Is yourself

I'm glad to see

You not looking at me

I'm glad to not be

The one holding your leash

All you are is

A sick little pup

I don't like pervs

And I don't like dogs

So be on your way

I say goodbye

I'm rid of you now

I say goodbye