Friendship - True or False?


I wish I had someone,

Someone with who I could share

Share my joys and sorrows.

Sorrows which sometimes drive me insane.

Insane is where I practically live.

Live there I do because,

Because I have no friends to talk with.

With people I talk but,

But they are not friends.

Friends are people you can rely and depend,

Depend on and confide in are friends.

Friends are something I do not have.

Have I no friends because,

Because friends come and,

And friends go but,

But friends do,

Do not come easily for me.

Me, I am my only friends because,

Because I am the only,

Only one I can trust.

Trust always comes,

Comes with a price for me.

Me, I try to trust people but,

But I always find betrayal.

Betrayal is a word I know,

Kow all too well.