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Gretel bolted to the house while the witch was occupied in the oven.

"Gretel, quick, undo the lock," Hansel said, and Gretel grabbed onto the keys. She unlocked Hansel from his cage, who gave her a big hug.

"Now, let's get out of here," Hansel said. Both turned to see the witch in the doorway, who was scowling.

"You thought you could pull a fast one on me," the witch said. "If you aren't going to be properly cooked, I guess I'll have to have you raw." The witch started to transform. Claws replaced fingernails, wings grew out of her back, and her eyes started to glow orange. Let's just say that what happened next could only really be described in a rated-R story.

Too bad it's PG. More like PG-13. If you saw the first six endings, you'd know that this is already bordering on the horribly violent. Then again, all classic stories are violent. In the original Pinocchio, he gets himself hanged on a tree. But let's get back on topic. This is a bad ending.