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You get in, and you only had to use one bullet. You look around for a gun cabinet and you spot one. It has a lock on it, but you figure the keys should be around here somewhere. You start looking and you find the keys.

Three zombies sneak up on you, they all work here... Or used to, anyway. Must've lost to the recent horde of zombies you saw earlier... You shoot two in the face, and the other jumps on your back. You point your gun to his head and before he bites you, you pull the trigger. The weight slowly falls off your shoulders, and you are triumphant.

You unlock the gun cabinet and get as many guns and as much ammo as you can carry. You find a bag, which can help you carry the guns... You start filling it up. You carry the automatic rifle on you, just in case you need to shoot anything.

You start to head for the door when two strange snarling dogs round the corner outside. You think, "Oh, lovely. The plague of living dead things is inter-species? Awesome."

They start growling and barking when they see you inside, which catches the attention of a few zombies and they start walking up to the door... You...