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You blindly run as fast as your legs can carry you into the unknown. As you speed by, the walls seem to jump out and hit your body in every place possible. Sticks on the ground snap beneath your feet, but the low growl following you close keeps you going no matter the cost.

After what seems like running forever, you burst into the night sky just outside the hotel. You're free, you did it! You got out of the inescapable Hotel California.

You carry yourself with your head up high as you walk over to your car and prepare to leave this nightmare. You put your key in and start the car, but then you hear the strangest noise outside.

"Wrong Choice."

What? No, it can't be. You made it! You're safe!

"Wrong Choice."


"Wrong Choice."

You wake up to a heavy feeling on your chest. You tripped on a stick while running so recklessly away. Your eyes slowly begin to adjust to the dark walls around you and then you see it.

"Wrong Choice," it repeats once more.