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You begin to scream. "Hey! I'm kind of stuck in here... Mind giving me a hand?"

The voices abruptly stop and you can hear the quiet shuffle of feet on a carpeted floor. A secret door in the middle of the wall squeaks its way open and a few men with long hair and tired eyes look at you cautiously.

"Who are you?" they ask aggressively.

"Well, I'm just a passerby enjoying the beauty of the infamous Hotel California... but I seem to be trapped. Must be a mistake. Do you know of a way out?"

They glance at each other and node silently. "Yes, we do. Follow us this way."

They lead you down a long hallway toward a loud and chaotic sound. The closer you get, the more lights you can see flashing and the more people you can see strolling by. Ah, they seem to have led you to the hotel casino. "Well, you're out. Here's a couple dollars so that you can try out the machines. Have fun!"