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You sit there patiently and, eventually, three people enter the room. They remove the bag from your head and your eyes are pleased to see three beautiful women standing before you.

They stare at you for a while and you notice quite a few intriguing details in them. They are all deemed as what is "perfect" by the women magazines you've seen and each one is drowned in all the high fashion trends of the time.

You look up at their eyes and see they appear blank, empty, almost as though they really aren't there. They untie you and drag you through a metal door to a large garden blooming with life. A door at the end opens straight to your car, it seems as though they are leading you out of Hotel California.

They stand at the other end and reach out their hands. Together, they say, "We have all you can imagine - love, fame, and fortune beyond compare. Come with us and people will envy you for the rest of your life. You'll have everything you could possibly want. Or, leave back to your old boring life, the choice is yours."