Why must

All my friends

Betray me

In such cruel ways

Either I trust you

I tell you things

You turn your back

And tell everyone

Or you play

Mind games

With me

And I forgive you

But you keep

On doing it

Again and again

I just never learn

I always lose

My friendships

Because of

Their betrayal

Don't ask me why

That's a question for them

I'm sick of being played

It's better to have no friends

That's why

I never bothered

Until this year

With you

Now you are

The most recent friend

To have the chance

To betray me

And guess what

You took that chance

I never really was your friend

Was I?

You were mine

But not anymore

You played too many mind games

Now you're done for

I shouldn't trust anybody

But yet I do

Can anybody tell me why

I always fall for the trap

It's better to have no friends

Than friends you can't trust

Friends who don't care for you

Friends who play you

Friends come

And friends go

But friends will always

Betray you sooner or later