...Listening Friends of America






  • The word "Ancestor" can be found in the Listening Friends of America letter.
  • "Heart" can be found on the frog diagram; it is the only correctly labeled part of the frog.

Hidden Words

  1. Pieces
  2. Protocol
  3. Ashland

  • Did anyone else notice the small dot at the bottom of the hidden archives page before!?
    • This is the "back door to the back door".
  • Enter the "secret words" one at a time.
    1. Begin
    2. Cronus
    3. Balance
    4. Synchronization
    5. Reassembly
    6. Protocol
  • This unlocks the "Reassembly" (ending) video.
    • Wow, it appears Jasper has not slept in some time. Look at those bags under his eyes. He really is all packed up and ready to go on his vacation.
    • Jasper is batshit crazy, actually believing his victims are still here with him.
    • Jasper tried "discovering" how his mechanisms worked.
    • Felix is a badass! WTF!