Anatomy Paper Doll

"This little man is a little funny looking. He seems surprised!"

~Meghan Gibson

  • There are 4 images of a male human body, skinned.
    • Front
    • Back
    • Some tissue removed
    • Even more tissue (and internal organs) removed
  • Correctly arrange the accompanying organs within the empty body cavity of the anatomy doll.
    • liver
    • stomach
    • small intestine
    • large intestine
  • Jasper hints at acronyms in his accompanying letter. An acronym is the first letter of multiple words. The acronym we want here is from the organs:
    • Liver
    • Stomach
    • Small Intestine
    • Large Intestine
  • "LSSILI" is the password to an archive on the Listening Friends of America website.


"A very precisely made gear. I can tell that Jasper took his time to make sure the dimensions are exact. Are there any clocks that use wooden gears?"

~Meghan Gibson

  • This is a wooden gear made by Jasper.
  • It is used for a puzzle in conjunction with the ID badge and Meg's to-do list.

ID Badge

"Clark really should take better care of his identification badge. He needs it to get the keys to the garden shed."

~Meghan Gibson

  • This ID badge belongs to Clark Love. There is a spot of blood on it.
  • The badge is used in conjunction with the gear and to-do list to solve a puzzle.
  • Put the gear on top of the blood spot. It will act as a compass with the top peg pointing north.
  • The to-do list has locations which can be used to figure out which direction to go from the gear to find a letter.
    • The direction will be going away from Bozeman, Montana.
    • For example, Waterton Lakes is north of Bozeman, which leads to the letter "N" in "Name".
  • The locations are:
    • Waterton Lakes → N
    • Teddy Roosevelt → A
    • Payette → I
    • Yellowstone → L
  • Once decoded, the message is:
    • NAIL

Letter from Jasper

"Jasper's letter. He goes right over my head with some of the things he talks about. But I bet he finds it difficult to express himself to most people. What if someone could just understand him?"

~Meghan Gibson

  • In this letter, Jasper speaks of acronyms.
    • This hints toward the puzzle of the anatomy paper doll.

Letter from Sheriff

  • It appears that Felix has decided to ignore the sheriff's discovery of the corpse. The sheriff plans to move forward without Felix due to lack of response.
  • The sheriff suspects that the corpse is that of the groundskeeper, Clark Love.
    • This theory could be supported by the accompanying bloodied ID badge proving to be that of Clark Love.
    • The sheriff also mentions the state of upkeep of hedges and the grounds compared to Clark's return date from vacation.

Letter from Sylvia

"Another letter from Jasper's friend, but it looks like this one got shredded at some point. Not by a machine, but by hand. Like someone cut it up and put it back together."

~Meghan Gibson

  • The letter was cut into strips and then taped together. There are words written at the top and bottom of the letter. These words can be pieced together by cutting and rearranging (or using your imagination) the strips to reveal a message from Sylvia to Jasper.
  • The message reads:
    • "I will come exactly one month from now. Two thirty in the morning. My next letter will tell you where to go."

Listening Friends of America Letter

"My letter. I really cannot wait to go on vacation. Some day I will do it. I know every direction I want to go."

~Meghan Gibson

  • Why does Meg consider this a "welcome" letter?
    • We are already 4 months in with Jasper Flowers.
  • This letter is very short. Meg, again, persists that everything is copacetic.
  • In this letter, Meg reveals that she plans to go on vacation soon.
    • Is this vacation voluntary?

Note from Felix

  • In this note, Felix reveals that he has withheld information from the sheriff.
    • What did Felix not want the sheriff knowing?
    • Why bring the sheriff in if to not give him full disclosure?
  • Taceo humani = I say nothing of the human.

Paper Organs

"I would help the little man put his organs back inside, but I do not know the correct order to put them in so they look right. Besides, I do not think that is for me to do."

~Meghan Gibson

  • The included organs - small intestine, stomach, liver, large intestine - must be placed correctly into the accompanying anatomy paper doll.

Travel To-Do List

"So many things to do before I go. So many things."

~Meghan Gibson

  • What does Meg mean by "DSCR"?
    • It can't be a "debt-service coverage ratio"...
  • Why does Meg need a new ID badge?
    • Is the new badge actually for her?
  • This is a very odd list. There must be a puzzle within it, but what?
  • The "to-do" list is actually instructions on how to use two items together: ID badge and piece of time (gear).
    • What is Meg's game? How is she involved?


...Listening Friends of America
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Inspector Notes Database

  • File
    • MG132Y
  • Password
    • MG132Y3T8


  • Archive
    • Nail
  • Password
    • LSSILI

  • "LSSILI" can be found by placing the organs in the correct order on the anatomy paper doll.
    • Hidden Words
      1. Sioux Falls
      2. Heartbeat
      3. Synchronization