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⍻ Knots to Know Print

⍻ Letter from Jasper

⍻ Letter from Sheriff

⍻ Letter from Sylvia

⍻ Listening Friends of America Letter

⍻ Note from Felix

⍻ Paracord

⍻ Photo of Corpse

⍻ Sheriff's Supplemental Report

⍻ Staff Calendar

⍻ Stallion Necklace

Physical Items

Knots to Know Print

"What a lovely print. It is so interesting how each numbered figure diagrams so closely which way to go with a rope. What would Jasper use these knots for?"
~Meghan Gibson
  • Jasper sent this to us to help us understand one of his hobbies.
  • It is also used along with his accompanying letter to decode a password to a hidden archive on the Listening Friends of America website.

Letter from Jasper

"It looks like Jasper is getting caught up in the time, but it is in such a specific way. It almost feels like he is outside of time. And I can tell he does not trust the motives of certain authority figures. I can understand that."
~Meghan Gibson
  • Why does Meg say she can understand Jasper's animosity toward authority figures? What would make her feel this way?
  • Throughout the letter, Jasper lists random times. These are used along with the "Knots to Know" print that he sent us.
  • The second number in each "time" is the number of a knot. The first number in each "time" is the number by which to shift the first letter of the knot's title.

Four Past Two

  • Bowline ⇒ 2 (B) + 4 = F

Five of Ten

  • Fisherman's knot ⇒ 10 (F) - 5 = A

One on the Dot

  • Clove hitch ⇒ 1 (C) +/- 0 = C

Two Past One

  • Clove hitch ⇒ 1 (C) + 2 = E

Twelve Past Seven

  • Harness hitch ⇒ 7 (H) + 12 = T

  • "FACET" is the password for the hidden archive "Woven" on the Listening Friends of America website.
  • Is this gibberish in the archives ever going to make sense!?

Letter from Sheriff

  • The sheriff discovered a body near the facility.
  • He also found a staff calendar, which looked odd to him.

Letter from Sylvia

"I am not sure I am following these letters from Sylvia correctly. What did the first one say? What about the second?"
~Meghan Gibson
  • If the facility is IN Bozeman, how come it took Sylvia an hour to get TO the facility FROM Bozeman?
  • There are odd symbols spread throughout this letter. Sylvia references Babylon. These symbols are part of their ancient language called cuneiform.
  • Using cuneiform to decode the symbols, a message is revealed:
    • What does she have planned?

Listening Friends of America Letter

"Another letter from yours truly. I hope that I do not come across too strongly. I really want this listening friend to stay in the program."
~Meghan Gibson
  • Why does Meg want so badly for Jasper to "stay in the program"?
    • What is he up to inside that would jeopardize his eligibility?
  • Meg now wants us to recommend the Listening program to others. Why?
  • Again, Meg insists that everything in the program is running smoothly.
    • Why is she so adamant about that? What does she really know?

Note from Felix

  • In this note, Felix ascertains that his previous suspicions of Dr. Cortes were correct.
  • He implores us to continue delving into the hidden archives on the Listening Friends of America website.


"Something with which to practice tying knots. Smooth and strong."
~Meghan Gibson
  • As indicated by the inspector notes, this piece is intended for use in practicing knot-tying.

Photo of Corpse

  • The body is indistinguishable as to the gender.
    • The head appears to be covered with a plastic bag of some sort.
    • Possible cause of death: asphyxiation.
  • It is lying prone (face down), appearing to be stripped of any clothing.
    • There are multiple lacerations covering the entire backside of the body.
    • Only the torso is covered with leaves.
    • Why not the entire span? Because it was a "challenge" as the sheriff speculated?
  • Could this be the corpse of the real Dr. Cortes? Is Jasper impersonating the real Dr. Cortes for the sheriff's visits?
    • Otherwise, if patients cannot take visitors, how else does Jasper know of the sheriff's mannerisms and appearance as mentioned in his accompanying letter?

Sheriff's Supplemental Report

  • According to this letter, not a single patient has visitation rights.
  • This report supports that Clark is the groundskeeper.
    • Clark returned from vacation on the staff calendar.
  • According to this report, Dr. Cortes lives onsite and has 24/7 access to the facility.
  • The sheriff is the one who provided us with the staff calendar, as he thought it had some importance.
  • Poème Symphonique is a 1962 composition by György Ligeti for one hundred mechanical metronomes. It was written during his brief acquaintance with the Fluxus movement.
    • This fits in with Jasper's obsession with time.
  • *I despise metronomes!!! 😒

Staff Calendar

  • The handwriting for Cortes's shifts and "Cleaning Day" are the same.
    • Given that it appears employees write the entries themselves, is Cortes in charge of the cleaning assignments?
    • What type of cleaning...?
  • It is supported by the sheriff's accompanying supplemental report that Clark is the groundskeeper for the Bozeman facility.
  • What does Meg mean by "backup"?

Stallion Necklace

"I see. The wild horse. But what if a horse prefers the stable?"
~Meghan Gibson
  • This is a golden pendant on a long chain.
    • It coincides with the equestrian theme of this season.


...Listening Friends of America

Inspector Notes Database

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    • MG131H
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    • MG131H9D2


  • Archive
    • Woven
  • Password
    • FACET
  • The word "Woven" can be deduced by the puzzle in Jasper's letter having to do with rope.
  • The word "FACET" is found by solving the puzzle in Jasper's letter.
    • Hidden Words
      1. Garden
      2. Balance
      3. WinstonSalem