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    • DDASC3221


⍻ Grasshopper Print

⍻ Jewelry Box

⍻ Letter from Jasper

⍻ Letter from Sylvia

⍻ Listening Friends of America Letter

⍻ Memo from Sheriff

⍻ Note from Felix

⍻ Photo of Desk

⍻ Scanned Journal Page

Physical Items

Grasshopper Print

"I like this print. A grasshopper, letters, and a circle are all connected in some way. I suppose Jasper made this in the old craft room."
~Meghan Gibson
  • This is the key to decoding the answer to Jasper's riddle in his letter.
  • Use a radian circle to discover the correct letters.

Jewelry Box

"What a shiny finish. It is almost like a mirror. I suppose this is another trinket from Sylvia that he is unloading."
~Meghan Gibson
  • It is empty.
  • It is noted in the inspector notes about the shiny finish being almost like a mirror.
    • The jewelry box can be used to read the scanned journal page.

Letter from Jasper

"It looks like Jasper is attempting humor, which is a good thing, but his punchline reminds me of geometry or trig class."
~Meghan Gibson
  • The puzzle at the bottom of the letter can be solved using the accompanying grasshopper print and a radian circle.
  • Once deciphered, the answer to the riddle reads:
    • HANDS
  • "HANDS" is the password for one of the hidden archives on the Listening Friends of America website.

Letter from Sylvia

"Again, it appears that everything is fine with this letter. Except that it has gotten damaged somehow. But I do not think it was like that when it came through IA inspection. Sylvia does like to go on about horses. What is the difference, I mean besides the obvious, between a stallion and a horseshoe?"
~Meghan Gibson
  • Sylvia hopes Jasper is released soon, as if he has not committed a heinous crime that caused him to be locked up.
  • There is a hidden code in the bottom-right corner of this letter.
    • Sylvia references "rail fence" in the letter, which is the name of the cipher used to decode this message.
  • Once decoded, the message reads:
    • "I'VE FOUND A WAY"
  • As noted in the inspector notes, the letter was not damaged during the incoming process. This means any messages on Sylvia's letters are from Jasper, not Sylvia.
    • Does this mean Jasper has found a way to break out?

Listening Friends of America Letter

"A letter explaining that our new initiative is not the result of anything worth concern. I tried to be lever with an analogy of photography."
~Meghan Gibson
  • Why does Meg feel the need to insist we're not in danger?
    • Does she know something she's not letting on?

Memo from Sheriff

  • According to this memo, Dr. Cortes gave the sheriff a full tour of the grounds.
  • In the accompanying note from Felix, it is revealed that Dr. Cortes does not have full access and would be unable to do this. Also, Dr. Cortes is not very talkative.
    • Did Dr. Cortes lead the sheriff on a faux "full tour" and appear amiable in order to steer the sheriff away from Felix's concerns?
    • If so, why would she do so?

Note from Felix

  • Felix seems suspicious of Dr. Cortes and wonders how she gave the sheriff a "full tour" of the compound.
    • Dr. Cortes does not have the ability to do so due to limited access.

Photo of Desk

"I thought that our listening friend would appreciate learning a little bit more about me and how I work."
~Meghan Gibson
  • This is a photo of Meg's desk at work, as revealed in her inspector notes.
    • Or is it...?

Scanned Journal Page

"Jasper is such a talented artist. His journal looks like a page out of a notebook of Leonardo Da Vinci."
~Meghan Gibson
  • Why is everything written backward?
  • This is a page from Jasper's journal according to the inspector notes.
  • The writing can be read by holding the page either in front of the jewelry box or a full-sized mirror.
    • The horseman sketch tells us which hidden archive on the Listening Friends of America website can be accessed this episode.


...Listening Friends of America

Inspector Notes Database

  • File
    • MG405K
  • Password
    • MG405K2BS


  • Archive
    • Horseman
  • Password
    • HANDS
  • "Horseman" is clued by the drawing of a horseman on Jasper's journal page.
  • The word "HANDS" is discovered by solving the puzzle in Jasper's letter.
    • Hidden Words
      1. Olympia
      2. Mirror
      3. Cronus