My Observations


Episode 2

Physical Items

  • Grasshopper Print
  • Jewelry Box
  • Letter from Jasper
  • Letter from Sylvia
  • Listening Friends of America Letter
  • Memo from Sheriff
  • Note from Felix
  • Photo of Desk
  • Scanned Journal Page


  • ...Listening Friends of America

Physical Items

Grasshopper Print

Observation #1

This is the key to decoding the answer to Jasper's riddle in his letter.

Observation #2 

Use a radian circle to discover the correct letters.

See Figure 1

Figure 1
Figure 1

Jewelry Box

Observation #1

It is empty.

Observation #2

It is noted in the inspector notes about the shiny finish being almost like a mirror.

  • The jewelry box can be used to read the scanned journal page.

Letter from Jasper

Observation #1

The puzzle at the bottom of the letter can be solved using the accompanying grasshopper print and a radian circle.

Observation #2

Once deciphered, the answer to the riddle reads:


Observation #3

"HANDS" is the password for one of the hidden archives on the Listening Friends of America website.

Letter from Sylvia

Observation #1

Sylvia hopes Jasper is released soon, as if he has not committed a heinous crime that caused him to be locked up.

Observation #2

There is a hidden code in the bottom-right corner of this letter.

  • Sylvia references "rail fence" in the letter, which is the name of the cipher used to decode this message.

Observation #3

Once decoded, the message reads:


Observation #4

As noted in the inspector notes, the letter was not damaged during the incoming process. This means any messages on Sylvia's letters are from Jasper, not Sylvia.

  • Does this mean Jasper has found a way to break out?

Listening Friends of America Letter


Why does Meg feel the need to insist we're not in danger?

  • Does she know something she's not letting on?

Memo from Sheriff

Observation #1

According to this memo, Dr. Cortes gave the sheriff a full tour of the grounds.

Observation #2

In the accompanying note from Felix, it is revealed that Dr. Cortes does not have full access and would be unable to do this. Also, Dr. Cortes is not very talkative.

  • Did Dr. Cortes lead the sheriff on a faux "full tour" and appear amiable in order to steer the sheriff away from Felix's concerns?
  • If so, why would she do so?

Note from Felix


Felix seems suspicious of Dr. Cortes and wonders how she gave the sheriff a "full tour" of the compound.

  • Dr. Cortes does not have the ability to do so due to limited access.

Photo of Desk


This is a photo of Meg's desk at work, as revealed in her inspector notes.

Scanned Journal Page

Observation #1

Why is everything written backward?

Observation #2

This is a page from Jasper's journal according to the inspector notes.

Observation #3

The writing can be read by holding the page either in front of the jewelry box or a full-sized mirror.

  • The horseman sketch tells us which hidden archive on the Listening Friends of America website can be accessed this episode.


...Listening Friends of America

Observation #1 - Inspector Notes Database


  • MG405K

Observation #2 - Inspector Notes Database


  • MG405K2BS

Observation #3 - Inspector Notes Database → Inspector: Meghan Gibson

  1. LFoA Letter: A letter explaining that our new initiative is not the result of anything worth concern. I tried to be lever with an analogy of photography.
  2. Patient Letter: It looks like Jasper is attempting humor, which is a good thing, but his punchline reminds me of geometry or trig class.
  3. Picture of My Desk: I thought that our listening friend would appreciate learning a little bit more about me and how I work.
  4. Letter from an Outside Friend (Sylvia): Again, it appears that everything is fine with this letter. Except that it has gotten damaged somehow. But I do not think it was like that when it came through IA inspection. Sylvia does like to go on about horses. What is the difference, I mean besides the obvious, between a stallion and a horseshoe?
  5. Metal Box: What a shiny finish. It is almost like a mirror. I suppose this is another trinket from Sylvia that he is unloading.
  6. Grasshopper Print: I like this print. A grasshopper, letters, and a circle are all connected in some way. I suppose Jasper made this in the old craft room.
  7. Page from Sketchbook: Jasper is such a talented artist. His journal looks like a page out of a notebook of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Observation #4 - Archives


  • Horseman

Observation #5 - Archives



Observation #6 - Archives

"Horseman" is clued by the drawing of a horseman on Jasper's journal page.

Observation #7 - Archives

The word "HANDS" is discovered by solving the puzzle in Jasper's letter.

Observation #8 - Archives → Hidden Words

  • Olympia
  • Mirror
  • Cronus