EB Ranger Online

Mission 1


  • To dial in, use the top 3 "arrow" buttons to toggle the numbers to the left of the decimal and the scroll bars at the bottom to toggle the numbers to the right of the decimal.



  • Dialing in the frequency immediately unlocks a voice memo from Jordan Kim.


Transmission Received

  • Jordan says she left us examples to crack the code (on her report). These are:
    • the expedition number (1783)
    • the set of symbols below her frequency number (209.564)
    • Jordan Kim
    • Jeremy Reid

Mission 2




  • This unlocks another transmission from Jordan.
  • She tells us to utilize our terrain map to find a safe route back to base for Jeremy.
  • She tells us in order to contact Madeline and Salvador's frequencies, the numbers must be shifted back by 1.
  • We must move Jeremy and the aliens at the same time.
  • If Jeremy is crossing a mountain/river or needs to stay put, we must double-tap the square he is on.


213.112 → 102.001

  • This unlocks a transmission from Madeline.
  • She has spotted 2 hunters, one in sector B-8 heading south and one in I-14 heading east.


322.113 → 211.002

  • This unlocks a transmission from Salvador.
  • It is hard to understand certain parts because of his accent. Using the transcriptions found under the Doc tab, we can gather that:
    • Jeremy is at a gas station in sector B-13.
    • We need to get Jeremy to the safe house in sector F-10.


Personnel File

  • We get "Oswald Shepard"'s updated profile...
  • *Goody! We get transcripts of the audio files (as we unlock them) for parts that are unclear.

Mission 3


  • This is where we can plug in directions for little Jeremy to get him to safety.
  • *😈Unfortunately, we can't kill Jeremy on purpose. Rats...
  • The correct path is:
    • B-13 → C-13 (x2 for river) → D13 → D-12 → D-11 → D-10 → E-10 → F-10
  • This unlocks an audio file from Madeline.
    • She says there is a hunter at H-16 moving north and another at K-7 moving west.
    • Jeremy can't cross any rivers or mountains today.
    • We need to get him to sector H-6.
  • The correct path is:
    • F-10 → F-9 (x2 for forest) → G-9 → H-9 → H-8 → H-7 → H-6
  • This unlocks an audio file from Salvador and Madeline.
    • Salvador says he's spotted a hunter at M-5 heading west, and another one at L-1 heading south.
    • Madeline instructs us to direct Jeremy to the home base at K-3.
  • The correct path is:
    • H-6 → H-5 → H-4 (x2 for river) → H-3 → I-3 (x2 for river) → J-3 → K-3
  • This unlocks the final audio file from Jordan.


  • This is a live feed showing the alien tower Jordan wants us to help take down.