********Warning: The following document is classified by the CIA.********

Any person or persons possessing this document without proper authorization are guilty of treason, to be punished immediately by death. Any parties illegally possessing this document may be shot on sight.

The following excerpt was taken from the research log of one Dr. Kendrick Reynolds, NASA.

Research log regarding sixth moon of the planet Jupiter, Europa.

Day 16 - The automated probe picked up odd readings at one of the poles. It was so faint, it almost went unnoticed. The entire moon still needs to be surveyed, but I'm making a note of this.

Day 17 - A similar reading seems to emanate from other points on the moon. These readings are even more faint; I'm surprised no one picked them up before now. They seem to emit some kind of radiation, but I've never seen anything like it.

Day 18 - We've finally finished surveying the moon. I'm getting a probe down to the surface to check out the source of that radiation. I should have the results tomorrow.

Day 19 - I can scarcely believe it! The radiation came from a synthetic source. The technology is like nothing I've ever seen before, it's obviously highly advanced. It's small, too. It's a plain cube, about the size of a Rubik's cube, and the color of obsidian. From the visual readings of the probe, I can see that the cube occasionally emits arcs of green energy. I'm not sure what it is. The other sources of radiation have been confirmed as duplicates of this cube. I'm going to have one taken back for study. With these new probes, I should have the cube in a couple days.

Day 23 - The cube's just been delivered to my lab! I think these were the longest four days of my life. I'm writing this at around 1 in the morning, so I'm going to study it tomorrow.

Day 24 - Ordinarily, I would put the cube through a series of quarantine procedures and tests to ensure that it is harmless, but I'm getting an odd feeling that it's all right. As I write, I am about to touch it. It is extremely cold, but I'm getting a searing sensation that's traveling up my arm. It's traveling up my neck, and Iojsdfvndfpppppppppppppppp

There is too little time, and too many unknowns. I do not know how long this host body will hold out before the weight of my influence kills it. This set of symbols is incredibly limiting. I have to get the warning out. I'm all that is left, all of my race has died out. It has decimated our forces, our people. Nothing we could do had been able to stop It. It... well, perhaps I should start from the beginning. I do not understand your measurement of time, so I cannot relate to you how long ago my race lived. However, it was before the dawn of your species. We inhabited the planet next to your Terra originally. On our planet, there were certain areas, as there are no doubt on yours, that led to the Holders. I am assuming that your species is not so ignorant as to assume that the only gateways to the Holders are on Terra. I will also assume that your governments have informed the general public about the Objects, so as to educate the people and make them aware. Your race truly would be foolish not to. As we became able to travel through space, we researched the Objects. It turned out that there are in fact gateways on any planet that is inhabited, even moons. We also recovered several artifacts from civilizations older than ours. It seems as if the Objects have been together before. Some of our scientists speculated that the Objects had actually been together many times, part of a cycle ending and beginning with the Reunion. Whatever the case, it is obvious that we will never know. The end began, oddly enough, around the same time that the first humans sprung up. We watched you occasionally, with intrigue, although we never interfered significantly. Your species was primitive, making fire with rocks. That is why we found it odd when something from your planet launched into ours. As soon as It landed, the destruction began. All those near It began to grow old and die before our very eyes, and all we could do was run. Those who would escape It fled in their ships, heading for the outpost on Europa. The windows of our ships gave us perfect views of the horror. We watched as our entire planet died, all of the water drying up, all vegetation rotting, and the very soil turning to pure iron. In my mind, I heard a voice. No, that is not accurate. I heard it. Saw it. Felt it. Tasted it. My senses could not handle this voice. I fell to the floor, screaming, nothing coming out of my mouth. I watched in mute agony and horror as our planet's magnetosphere was stripped from it, and solar wind pulverized it into an unlivable husk. I lost consciousness then. I died then.

I do not know much beyond this point, but I can say that none of us ever made it to Europa. My thoughts were preserved in the cube, which I believe is the only remaining functional one. I am using this Dr. Reynolds as a host; when he dies, I will die with him, as will my entire race. I send this to you now as a warning: The only logical place for It to have gone is back to Terra. I have seen what It has done to my world. Know this: It can annihilate worlds on a whim. It can destroy any and all life it wishes. Your world is not still in existence because you are sustaining it. It is not intact because of how well you defend it. Your world only remains because It has not decided to consume it. But it will.

It will.

This event is speculated to be connected to Edo Edi Essum.