!ƚʜǫinoƚ ɿoɿɿim ɘʜƚ ni ʞool ƚ'noᗡ

It isn't safe. If you're reading this, there is still a chance I could save you. Turn off your lights and turn your phone or computer brightness to maximum. You can't risk having your phone or windows reflect you. Close the door of the room you are in as quietly as possible before you read the next step.

1. Mirrors can't hurt you if you can't see. Keep your eyes closed all night without falling asleep. If you can't, cut out your eyes with knives.

2. You will hear voices coming from the other side of the door of the room you are in. If you are living with someone, it may impersonate them and ask to come in. Deny them entry. In the case that you live alone, the voices will not speak in English. Tell them the name of a person you despise, and then cover your ears so you don't hear their response. If you hear it, you will never be the same.

3. The voices can enter if you look in a mirror.

4. You cannot leave the room until 3:33 A.M. Remember, DO NOT FALL ASLEEP. Your mind is weak in your sleep, giving them an easy way in. When checking the time, turn on your phone first. Your phone's black glass screen acts as a mirror.

5. From now until 3:33 A.M., the voices will try harder and harder to come into your room. The best thing to do is almost always to stay silent and show no signs that you can hear them. There are a few exceptions, though.

  • The voices are not scared easily. If they start screaming, something horrible has come into your home. Open the door of your room and run out the closest exit out of your home. You don't need to worry if the voices see you. They are scared, and cannot hurt you while in shock. Do not go back inside your house until daylight.
  • If the voices start talking in your voice, you must have fallen asleep for a few seconds. You can open your eyes. Barricade the door of your room before they can open it. If you fail to do so in time and they get in, ask them to kill you. They will kill you even if you don't, but this way they will keep your soul, so you at least won't suffer.
  • If the voices knock on your door, tell them that they are denied entry as quietly as possible. They cannot enter without consent if they are denied.

6. If you survive until 3:33 A.M., go into your bathroom if you have a mirror there. If not, a window will suffice if it reflects you well.

7. Touch the mirror with both of your hands.

8. If you are pulled through, it means you followed all the rules correctly!

9. To get out of the mirror, post this online and get someone to follow it up to rule 7.

10. Once they put their hands on the mirror, pull them through. This is your opportunity to climb out of the mirror and switch places with who you pulled through.

11. Good luck.