Before 4:54 PM

  • Preliminary rehearsal for You Can Leave It Right Here was held. Rehearsal broke for George Erikson to talk to his wife, Ruth Erikson.

4:54 PM - 6:15 PM

  • Ira Adler claimed to have left shortly before rehearsal resumed to make a telephone call in George Erikson's office. This call supposedly took him over an hour. This phone call was to the Excelsior Hotel.

5:00 PM

  • Ruth Erikson left the Cadence Theater for Penn Station to catch a train after talking with her husband, George Erikson.
  • Rehearsal resumed.

5:13 PM

  • Olga Gaina arrived at the theater and began an argument with Viola Vane over a "family matter" in Romanian and attempted to physically assault her with her cane.
  • The argument was broken up by Hector Roland and Joseph Sampson. Joseph took Olga Gaina's cane from her and escorted her from the building.

5:20 PM

  • Ruth Erikson boarded a train at Penn Station to Tannersville.

5:23 PM

  • Roughly the time Joseph Sampson left to purchase flowers for Viola Vane.

5:30 PM

  • Evelyn Kittridge went to check on Viola Vane in Viola's dressing room. She brought along with her Viola's coat and purse, as well as Olga Gaina's cane.
  • Hector Roland left the theater for an event across town. Upon leaving, he saw Olga Gaina trying to gain access back into the theater. He left through a side entrance and arrived at his destination at 6:00 PM.

5:40 PM

  • Police arrived to deal with Olga Gaina outside the theater.

5:45 PM

  • Roughly the time Evelyn Kittridge left the theater for a dinner engagement. Upon leaving, she heard another voice coming from Viola Vane's dressing room but could not discern if it was male or female. Evelyn arrived at her engagement several minutes after 6:00 PM.

5:57 PM

  • Roughly the exact time Viola Vane was attacked and murdered with a jeweled cane belonging to her mother, Olga Gaina.

6:00 PM

  • Hector Roland arrived at his destination.
  • Roughly the time Ira Adler heard a "scuffle" coming from one of the dressing rooms and then the sound of the service elevator being used. He left the theater shortly after to attend his reservation.
  • Joseph Sampson received his order at the florist.
  • Olga Gaina was booked at the police station.

6:08 PM

  • Evelyn Kittridge arrived at her destination.

6:15 PM

  • George Erikson left the theater.
  • Roughly the time Ira Adler ended his telephone conversation.

6:30 PM

  • Roughly the time Joseph Sampson returned to the theater with flowers for Viola Vane. He claimed that Viola's dressing room was empty and that her costume trunk was absent.

7:00 PM

  • Ira Adler received his "special" drink at the Excelsior Hotel.

9:51 PM

  • Time that Ruth Erikson sent a telegram from Tannersville, Pennsylvania to her husband George Erikson.