Appraisal Note

  • *Holy shitballs!
  • This could definitely help Julia save the theater.

Bloodstained Letter

  • The letter refers to the ring we received in Episode 4.
    • The year 1903 is inscribed inside.
  • The sum of 1903 is 13.
    • Shift the coded letters by 13 and then use the Atbash cipher.
  • Once decoded, the words read:
    • Hector
    • Mother
    • Evelyn
    • telling her about my child
    • finish out my contract
    • Mother hurts me
    • the father of my child
    • Julian
    • Mother's
    • collect my jewelry from its hiding place in the false bottom of the liquor cabinet at the Grace Note
    • swiped the cabinet's key from George's office
    • Julian
    • Mother
    • find
    • jewelry in that lockbox is worth more than enough to keep me and Julian comfortable
    • my child
    • George
    • Viola

Coded Notes

  • This is the same type of code that Viola and Evelyn used on the rehearsal notes from Episode 1.
    • Dots replace vowels and coded words are backward.
  • Once deciphered, the coded phrases read:
    • Hector told me
    • it's the right thing to do
    • raise someone else's baby
    • leave him on somebody's doorstep
    • He's not Hector's responsibility
    • he's not mine, either
    • But he's all alone now that Viola's gone
    • That's not my fault
    • I should've told you the truth from the start
    • turn our back on a helpless child
    • I made a mistake
  • This is a correspondence between Ira and Evelyn.
    • Ira must not have told Evelyn he was the baby's father, so Hector did but not until after Viola's disappearance.


  • On the backside is "16".
    • The cufflink we received in Episode 1 had "1" on the backside.
    • Combined, they read "1:16".
  • "1:16" references Ruth 1:16 which is quoted in Ruth Erikson's obituary.
    • These cufflinks were the gift she left George, mentioned in the telegram in Episode 3.

Julia Letter

  • Julia gives us the new password to her folder on the virtual desktop.
    • BERLIN
  • As well as the subject line for when we know who killed Viola and possibly the location of her treasure:
    • PROOF


  • This was found with Viola's remains, but it is too big for a lockbox.
  • On the Cadence Theatre website, in the gallery under "History" there is a picture of Ira in George's office. In the background is a panel of keys.
    • Comparing the Roman numeral above the key to the blueprints we received in Episode 4 reveals that the object the key belongs to must be in the Grace Note bar.

Memoir Pages

  • Um, did Hector just come out and admit he was gay?
    • Okay, so if he was gay, he really did plan to marry Viola strictly for show. Man...
  • So, Ira and Evelyn took the child in.
    • Good, considering Ira was the father to begin with...

Newspaper Clipping

  • *Browning is a callback to the premium case "1934".
  • The "Broadway Blunder" snippet is about Olga's behavior after being kicked out of the theater. It apparently resulted in an arrest.
  • The "Proposal Problem" snippet is about Evelyn and Ira.

Rap Sheet

  • This lady was just a schlub.
  • This document provides that there were at least 2 occasions where Olga was physically abusive toward her daughter.

Taxicab Receipt

  • This receipt shows that Evelyn arrived at her destination at 6:08 pm.