• This is a lace glove, beige in color.
    • Did it belong to a child?! I can't even fit it on my hand or halfway down my thumb!

Birthday Ribbon

  • This button was for Viola's baby boy.

Divorce Papers

  • Ruth filed for divorce from George because of his running around on her.
    • Good for her!

Doctor's Reports

  • Viola was preggers?!
  • It appears that Ira knocked Viola up and then decided to dump her after learning she was carrying his child. She then went on her "rest cure" to cover up the pregnancy from others.
  • Hector was aware of the pregnancy since he had contacted the doctor and it was recommended he hire a caregiver for Viola during her pregnancy.

Hector Note

  • This is a letter from Hector to Ira.
  • The message at the bottom is a book cipher.
    • The first number relates to the line.
    • The second number relates to the word in the line.
    • The third number relates to the letter in that word.
  • Once decoded, the message at the bottom reads:
  • This letter confirms that Ira was the father of Viola's baby.

Hotel Records

  • A.R. Lairde is an acronym for Ira Adler.
  • When he placed the phone call from the theater to the Excelsior Hotel, he pushed back his reservation and ordered an extravagant drink.
    • The call was lasted from 4:54 PM to 6:15 PM, spanning the time of Viola's murder.
    • This means he could not have killed her, as he was on the phone with the hotel.

Julia Letter

  • Julia gives us the new password to her folder on the virtual desktop.
  • As well as the subject line for when we eliminate another suspect:
    • DOUBT

Memorial Article

  • So, despite Evelyn's ill attitude at the time of Viola's "disappearance", she feigned grief and adoration simply because she made it big due to the murder.
    • She definitely had ulterior motives.

Notebook Pages

  • This is a "book cipher" of sorts. The top number is the number to shift backward by, while the bottom number is the number of letters in the code that need to be shifted.
    • For example, the first one is 8/3. Every 3rd letter will be shifted back in the alphabet by 8.
  • Once decoded, the messages read:
    • THE BETUCIAS (callback to the 1934 Premium Experience)
    • CHICAGO OVERCOATS ("Chicago Overcoat" is a Prohibition-era slang term meaning "coffin" or cement shoes.)
    • MY WIFE
  • This is a letter from George to his mistress before selling the theater to Ira.
    • With whom was he cheating on Ruth?

PI Report

  • The "Sir and Madam" this report is addressed to are George and Olga.
    • This can be deduced from the ledger in Episode 2 (PI fees - $4.15/hour - Cover for Olga?)
  • Why would George and Olga be having Viola followed?

Theater Sale Contract

  • This documents the sale of the Cadence Theater from George to Ira and Evelyn.
    • The sale took place in 1935.
    • Was this the "responsibility" Hector was referring to in his letter to Ira in Episode 1?