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Physical Items

Attic Inventory

  • In her letter to us, Julia Adler suggested the murder weapon may still have been in the attic.
    • Could it perchance be included in this list?
  • The murder weapon cannot be the metal prop sword, as although the gemstone matches, the dimensions do not.
  • Aha, our murder weapon is Item #22.
    • The cane has cabochon gem inserts matching the dimensions of the one found in Viola's skull, and it is missing a solitary gem.

Cadence Theatre Notebook

  • This can be used to decipher a code in the rehearsal notes.


  • This was found by Julia Adler in the Cadence attic between some floorboards under the trunk in which she found the body of Viola Vane.
  • It has some kind of insignia on the front.
  • On the backside is "1:".
    • What could this mean?
  • According to the old article provided by Julia on the shared desktop, Joe and Ira took the cane (murder weapon) from Viola's mother.
    • The cufflink could suggest the murderer was a man.
    • I don't see a stage manager wearing cufflinks, which leads me to believe this belonged to Ira Adler.

Forensic Report

  • *Mendia and Whitlock are homages to our last case - The Moon Summit Mystery.
  • This report suggests that Viola Vane was struck on the left side of her head shortly before being placed on her left side in the trunk.
  • 3-inch heels?!?
    • OUCH!
  • The killer left her watch, which had emeralds, meaning the killer did not kill her for riches.
  • The watch face was shattered, suggesting a struggle and self-defense.
    • This means the killer approached from the front and must be right-handed, given the killing blow was to the left side of Viola's skull.
    • The time read 5:57.
  • She had a passport under the name of Viktoria Gaina.
    • This was her given name, Viola Vane was her stage name.
  • The killer also left cash in her purse, further suggesting this was not the motive.
  • Viola had a blade in her purse but did not use it.
    • This suggests that she knew, and perhaps trusted, her killer.
  • She died at age 23, based on the birth date provided on the passport and the date on the newspaper found with her body.
  • She had previous injuries to her right hand and forearm.
    • Was she in an abusive relationship?
  • The murder weapon is most likely circular and roughly 8 cm in diameter.
  • A ruby was found lodged in her skull.
    • single cabochon-cut
    • 3 cm length x 3 cm width x 2 cm height

Hector Letter

  • There is a code in the postscript of this letter.
  • This is a simple book cipher.
    • The first number is the line starting after "Ira".
    • The second number is the number of words in that line.
  • Once deciphered, the message reads:
  • What the hell does that mean?

Julia Letter

  • There are actually two letters from Julia Adler, one to Michelle and one to us.
  • The letter from Julia to Michelle is included with a magazine cover featuring the news of mummified Viola Vane.
  • Nice, she transcribed the cursive writings and has provided them on our shared desktop.
  • She explains how we should let her know of our findings, to keep it under wraps.

PI Letter

  • Michelle introduces us to our new case in this letter.
  • She advises us to fact-check anything a person says.
  • She informs us of our new virtual desktop.
    • Interesting, we get our own unique username this time...


  • Evelyn Kittridge, Viola's understudy, was bumped up for the showing on May 4th.
  • We gain a little background on our suspects from this document.

Rehearsal Notes

  • These notes were written by Joseph Sampson, the stage manager, on the day of the murder.
  • There is a crapload of code on the backside.
  • The grid on the front clues that this is a keypad cipher.
    • Starting with "ABC", continue the alphabet on the second line left-to-right and wrapping around to the top, with 3 letters per box ending with "YZ" in the last.
  • Use the stage direction diagram in the Cadence Theatre notebook as the key to decode the messages.
  • Once deciphered, the messages read:

Ruth Note

  • In this letter, Ruth Erikson beseeches Ira Adler to not cast Viola in future projects.
    • I wonder why.


Michelle Gray Investigations

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    • PORTER


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  • body.jpg
    • This is the photo Julia snapped of Viola Vane's mummified corpse before she realized it wasn't just a prop.
  • oldarticle.jpg
    • This is a news article dated February 25th, 1934, revealing that Hector and Viola had called off their engagement.
  • newarticle.jpg
    • This article reveals that Viola's own mother had allegedly attacked her and crew during a rehearsal the night of Viola's murder.


  • Evelyn Kittridge
  • George Erikson
  • Hector Roland
  • Ira Adler
  • Joseph Sampson
  • Olga Gaina
  • Ruth Erikson


5:57 PM

  • Roughly the exact time Viola Vane was attacked and murdered with a jeweled cane belonging to her mother, Olga Gaina.


Subject Line:


What is the murder weapon?

  • Cane