Royal Street Case



VuMail Drive




Observation #1

The first line is scrambled. Once unscrambled, it reads:

  • "My protector's emporium can be found below. Use the dates of creation."

Observation #2

The only items we've received with dates are Celestine's art pieces: 1/9, 1/12, and 2/6.

Observation #3

This is a book cipher. The first number being the passage and the second number being the word in that passage.

Observation #4

Once deciphered, the message is:

  • "Bourbon and King"

Observation #5

So the emporium is at Bourbon and King. The location is revealed in the third riddle in the hidden NOLA blog.

Hidden Nola Blog

Riddle 1. Halfway between the circle and the butterfly lies a secret I know is sure to surprise!

The location is between Lee Circle (the circle) and Lafayette Square (the butterfly).

Riddle 2. Feeling a little lost? Go where the Marquis turns the page.

The location is at the intersection of Lafayette Street (named after the Marquis de Lafayette) and Magazine Street (turning pages).

Riddle 3. Looking for a change in you? Here the street turns from red to blue!

The location is at the intersection of Burgundy Street (red) and Azure Lane (blue).

Riddle 4. If you're looking for a little more magic, go to where the crown takes a drink.

The location is at the intersection of Bourbon Street and King Street (where the crown takes a drink).

Riddle 5. Last but not least, the treasures of dead soldiers wait outside the four corners of heaven.

The location is at Washington Square (the four corners) on Elysian Fields Avenue (heaven).