The Forgotten and the Unknown Pages

My great-uncle used to tell me stories of a man before bedtime. They seemed so far-fetched, for children. He told me that this great man saved the world more times than anyone could count. He made evil be good and he made dark be light. He brought Yin to yang and good to to Evil. He made everything fair.

[The following document is classified above top-secret. Any unauthorized persons found to possess it must be executed immediately.]

Items of Power


Hah! Foolish Seeker! You think you know all that there is to this Seeking business. You think you can proceed foolhardy into the next challenge and take the next Object. You think the universe will just bow down to your will. How little you know, Seeker. How little you know.

They say there's a man who walked the earth today, a man who's thousands of years old. He's been through things we humans can't imagine, they say. He's still nothing more than a piece of detritus, bit of debris, tossed and blown about in a raging storm of life and existence. No one knows who he is. What he does....



Sample range- [Entirety] of [Western Hemisphere]

The Witch


Northglenn, Colorado is a beautiful place.

The following is a complete transcription of a file recovered from a hard drive found in the ruins of a building that was utterly annihilated, as if struck by a nuclear bomb The hard drive was the only object intact among the wreckage; as of this date, the reason it alone survived is unknown. Of further note is the...



Her name was Rose. Or... at least, that's what I think it was. A month ago, I would have been mortified at the idea of forgetting my daughter's name, but now it seems ordinary. How do I begin this? I'd introduce myself, but that would do neither of us any good. Instead, I will just tell you what I can remember, and what I cannot forget. ...

We only read about it in stories, and we thought he was totally crazy. Not just "he", but He too. We hear about the Seekers, they say they are fake and that the Objects are fake. Not true. The Seeker must be careful, as my friend took to one of the Objects. Our school was destroyed in the 90's,...



You aren't going to believe me. Hear me out, I'll start slow, work further in from there.



But if I give it away, that person might use it.

So, you've come to this, have you? You've finally found the Objects. Well, I must first say congratulations! You've done better than your predecessors and you will do better than anyone else for some time. Why? I'll tell you more on that later perhaps. Now, as I was saying, how was the trip? Did you get everything you wanted?...

Children are truly remarkable, aren't they? They have the innate ability to surpass all levels of hate, to ignore the resounding cruelty which our world shouts out, desperately clawing at our ears, hoping to get us to hear. It is but a child who can find the answer... It is but a child who can put them together again....

His Holder


Finally, after endless years of searching, endless years of thinking, I know. I haven't slept in months of late. I can't. No one knows, but He. I've... seen things... I wasn't supposed to live, but I did.

Go to the nearest gumball machine you can find. Put in the coin from the Holder of Trade and turn the knob. Only the coin will come out. Go through the nearest door you can find and you will see a desert. Relax, for you are safe here. You will not feel hunger, thirst, fatigue, or disease while you...

I haven't much longer to live. The man who killed me speaks only in truths, twisted and misleading though they are. He transcribed the following. Be very careful. This information is useful, but I believe only with those who have seen the Holder of Skepticism and lived. I trust this will end up in the right hands, for any...

The Inhabitant


In any city, in any country, go to the most forsaken house in the city. Make sure at least ONE person has lived there. It must have a basement. Go into the basement and recite "‰ä'zŠÅ"ž"IŽ-LlI" or "I wish to see the Inhabitant!" 12 times. The wall in front of you will open.



On late Friday, June 25, 2010, a local broadcaster in Canton, Ohio was hijacked by a foreign signal. The broadcast lasted for only five minutes, but gained a lot of attention by city officials.

In any city, in any country, go to any library you can get yourself to. When you get there, ask the attendant for a book written by "The Keeper of Religion". It may take some time for her to find it, but eventually, she will go into a back room and come out with a thick book that looks...



You Will be silent lest the tongue slip and Fall Asunder from the mouth.

The Red


No one really knows what bad luck is like. I guess some people think it's something you can avoid. You don't really know until the Red Man comes after you. You know when he's after you when you start having really bad luck. I mean really bad luck.

The Reliever


In any city, in any country, if by chance you find yourself in a mental hospital or halfway house, and ask for one who calls themselves the Reliever, the clerk will simply shoo you off, as no tenant of that name resides there. Persistence is futile, they will insist that no tenant of that name exists. You are not ready. ...

The Rites


Let me let you in on a little secret; you can bring the Objects together as close as you like, but they won't be capable of bringing about a decent sale at a thrift store, let alone whatever horrible catastrophe you might believe they are capable of. There is a good reason for this.



The Holder of Secrets is dead.

Stay for Tea


I told you this wouldn't take long, so stop fidgeting and sit down.



The eldest was made, eons ago.



They have been attacking for as long as we can recall.