Complete Disappointment Of An Ending

The End of the A Series About A Story Too Awesome To Tell In One Page series!

You can choose to read this before you read this chapter, but if you're here for the plot, then you don't need to.

Matt steps through and sees the primary villain! Oh noes! It could also be the Holder, and it could be both (the Holder is the primary villain).

Matt and the antagonist begin to converse. This entire dialogue will remind you of the dialogues in the Matrix.

"Why do you need the Object?"


... With supernatural Holders nonsense thrown in.

"And what will become of me after you use it?"

The Holder said nothing, but Matt started hearing voices in his mind. First, the Holder. Then his sister. Then Nathan. All of them sounded like gibberish until Matt heard his own voice say:

"You will die."

And then Matt will kill primary villain in the most anti-climactic way possible. He will either use the power of the Titanium Dreamweaver, just flat out kill him, or *shudder* say some hippie phrase.

Anyway, primary villain is dead, and Matt takes the Super Mega Awesome Aglet, which is so cool that it's not even an Object (that was the Dreamweaver).

The last words of the story will somehow NOT be some phrase relating to the topic, but then you'll realize there's an epilogue.

Read the chapter before this for a story that is much better than this ending! (But still not good) OMG! Epilogue! Just don't expect it to be helpful or interesting.