Physical Items

Court Testimony


This document eliminates Peter Bowman as a suspect, as he was with the safety inspector at the time of Jake's death.

Email Exchange

Observation #1

This chain is between Dean and Jake.

Observation #2

Dean was shut down to be an opening act, and Jake had to get real with him.

  • Could Jake's last message have provoked Dean to take matters into his own hands, literally?

Gold Record Replica


This is just a neat little replica of a gold vinyl album.

Lozenge Tin


Note that Commiphora Myrrha is an ingredient.

  • This substance was found on the killer's fingerprint lifted from Ken's laptop.

Phone Records

Observation #1

This is a log of Rachel's phone calls.

Observation #2

Note that she made an outgoing call at 1:28 PM, lasting roughly 8 and a half minutes.

  • This eliminates her as a suspect, as she was on the phone at the time of Jake's death.

Reunion Article


The boys have finally finished mourning Jake's death and are ready to move on with their lives.

Shannon Letter


Shannon thinks that "lovetorevolt" and Jake's killer are the same person.

  • Let's find out if that's true.

Tabloid Update


Rachel was outed for the rumors she purported about Jake while he was alive.

Trace Evidence Report

Observation #1

Two sets of fingerprints were pulled from Ken's (stage manager) laptop.

Observation #2

Set A belongs to Ken, while Set B is unidentified.

Observation #3

Set B's fingerprints were only found on the laptop's:

  • mousepad
  • enter key
  • .
  • 1
  • 8

Observation #4

Ken's fingerprints included nicotine and ethyl alcohol. Trace amounts of gunpowder were also detected.

Observation #5

Set B also included trace amounts of ethyl alcohol.Even more things were found compared to Ken. Higher concentrations of:

  • myristyl myristate
  • hexahydrothymol (menthol)
  • Commiphora Myrrha (found in the list of lozenge ingredients)
  • synthetic adhesive

Transparent Sheet


Laying this sheet over the spike chart from Episode 1 shows how the killer mapped out where to move Jake's mark and how fast to speed up the prop.

  • 8.1 were the keys pressed on the laptop.