Physical Items

Absinthe Spoon with Tag


This was stuffed inside the plush crown.

Auction Catalog


This tells us what the item codes on the auction winners list mean.

  • The absinthe spoon was won by Velma McSorely.
  • Cyril Fortier won the Carnival King & Queen masks.
  • The bottle of absinthe was item 16A09, which was won in the auction by Mr. Zeppo La-La-La.

Auction Winners List


Of our list of suspects:

  • Cyril Fortier (4369) placed the winning bid of $1,250 on item 16A04

Bidders List


This can be used in conjunction with the auction winners list to deduce which of our suspects had a winning bid.

Cocktail Napkin


Celestine's cousin mentioned that the police showed up. This appears to be a transaction between the PD and Nonah.

  • Was she one of the two people arrested that night?

Comic Book

Observation #1

In the comic strip, Craw Daddy mentions getting his accordion from the ol' King o' Clowns.

Observation #2

Eddie Serritella is the owner of Who Dat Crispy Bird.

  • His alter-ego is Mr. Zeppo La-La-La.


Observation #1

This is a plush crown.

Observation #2

Nonah Turner and then Craw Daddy can be seen wearing it in the photo booth photos.

Observation #3

The absinthe spoon with tag was stuffed inside, presumably by Celestine's cousin after it was left unclaimed by the auction winner.


Observation #1

Celestine's cousin wrote his notes of the event on the back of this flyer.

Observation #2

He notes that a bidder paid for an absinthe spoon but never picked it up...

  • He mentions it was a "she"...

Letter from Sylvia


Sylvia went through Ines's phone and posted screenshots on the shared desktop.

Photobooth Photos

Observation #1

There are 3 sets of photos, all timestamped.

  • 10:04 pm
  • 10:13 pm
  • 10:36 pm

Observation #2

Cyril is seen wearing the Carnival King & Queen masks that he won in the auction.