Physical Items

Arrest Record


I am currently missing this document, but according to the recaps it must be an arrest record for Chester at the time of Hank's murder.

  • *HAK sent a new inventory card that omits the arrest record as an item, yet the recaps still refer to it...

Concert Ticket


Chester Russo was attending the Goat Midwinter concert at the time of Hank's murder.

Green Knight Threat


The illustration of the iron maiden is in the bottom-left corner this time.

Knight Figure


The word "METER" is written on the bottom of the base in permanent marker.

  • Is this a measurement or a password?

Lawyer Bill


A consultation at 11 pm? WTF?

Letter from Art


Divide and conquer!

Letter to Lynn


Wow, this song blows.

Severance Package


Lynn reveals to Chester that she is dismantling the faire and he will no longer have his "artistic" ways there.

Term Sheet

Observation #1

So, Lynn made arrangements to sell off the faire.

Observation #2

It's obvious she is not the Green Knight then, as the Green Knight killed Hank to better the faire.