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(Caution: This series follows on the heels of the battle between good and evil. It's recommended to have read of it before you venture into these tales.)



One day you might meet a man...



*left incomplete by original author

The Seeker


The Seeker tells the story of a man who, more or less spontaneously, embarks on a journey that will change his life forever. He will know what the Holders really are, or at least that's what he thinks he'll do.

They must never come together. Ever. There are quite a few who seem, for diverse reasons, to desire this fundamental law undone. To do so would bring about the unspeakable.



Liam Sera woke up in the Wisconsin Children's hospital bed. He hadn't been asleep long, he didn't think. Or had he? The first thing he realized when he woke up was that his body was very heavy, more heavy than what it was when he fell asleep. He could barely move his feet, he tried to wiggle his big...



don't you know I live it down

'Round these parts, folks tell lotsa legends. They say if you approach one of the jails in any town, and ask to see someone who calls himself a "Man Who Holds", then you'll be in for the horror of your life.

The Catalyst


When I left the campus that day, I thought little of the last thing I wrote in my notebook: The catalyst is not consumed by the reactions in which it takes place.

I entered the alley, confused and hungry. But it was not a physical hunger, rather it was a compulsion. A sickening drive to enter that foul corridor, strewn by trash and ignored by all but the most desperate of vagrants. There laid the body of a middle-aged man in an oily black coat, drenched by the pouring rain. I stared...

A bright light in the sky, a large crash, big explosion. Smoke trails leading up into the sky, then silence again. A large crater in the ground with something in the center, but too dark to see what it is. It's still intact, though.

They say he was there at the beginning. He saw the Objects scattered, but holds none of them and seeks them not.



As the shy woman walked away, I took another look at the paper I had been given. I would begin to hear screams, it said. Well, he had told me that would be par for the course if I were to collect any of these things when he hired me. He had paid up-front too, telling me he would understand if I ran with the money....

These Objects... all of them... I don't want them anymore. I don't know how many years of my life I've wasted assembling them all. I'm forfeiting them all right now. I'm too old for them now. I've only got a few more weeks to live.

Yeah, I'm the Holder of Doom. Holder of Object 2500. And you know what? I'm not gonna tell you about my Object. Fuck that. Wouldn't do you much good anyway, really. It's already gone, you know. My best friend took it. How's that for irony? I get turned into a fucking Holder, and my best friend in the whole...

When humanity was truly young and Athens was far off in the seas of time, Doom was there. I would never advise the weak of mind to attempt this Object; as always, the images one might be exposed to were horrific and unsettling.

It wasn't the best idea to do this, of course, but me and my friends felt like we had to after we found the information.

The Hunter


If you've sought these Objects, chances are you've heard of Jack, but you've probably never heard of Slayer. They say his smile is made up of everything that is good in this world, he begs to differ. He is as elusive as he is powerful, however, you may not notice him when you see him, he has a smile...



I pray the lord my soul to keep;



Her name was Joy. My, she was beautiful. Why someone in a form like that became the being she was, is something I'll never know, and I've seen and experienced some pretty horrible things in my time. She was a Seeker, looking for Holders of various Objects.

The Letter


This document appeared pressed between the pages of fifty-four and fifty-five of all known copies of Dr. Wilheim Totenberg's "A Paper Butterfly" on March 24 1846. The validity of the information in this document is still in question.

Lovely Eye


Her mother had been a Seeker, although she did not know this, nor could she ever know, for after the following event took place all memory or thought of anything even vaguely related to such had disappeared from both their minds, and the girl's father had supposedly died long ago (or so her mother claimed), although the circumstances surrounding...

Making a Deal


If you wait outside the tower he shall be busy. He might agree so you will leave. He may kill you, it is your risk.