Subject Line: STUDIO

Where is Celestine's spare studio key located?


Statue of Saint Expedite

Subject Line: DECODED

Where is the password for Celestine's laptop?


The sticky note says connect the dots... The only dots to appear so far are in the storybook.

  • We have ourselves a book cipher.

The letters are acronyms relating to the story titles. The numbers refer to the words in the italicized portions of the stories.

  • MP 10 = Mère Petitpas and Her Violet Absinthe → Purple
  • GG 2 = Graveyard Guardians / second word → Gray
  • GVQ 16 = Grave of the Voodoo Queen → Crimson
  • PBL 14 = The Pirage Brothers Lafitte and the Baratarians → Turquoise

The note says to connect purple dots to gray dots and crimson dots to turquoise dots.

  • On page 7, connecting crimson to turquoise = MBI
  • On page 9, connecting purple to gray = ZO

The laptop password is: