Blue Lizzy Is Definitely Real

  • In the Town Council Meeting Minutes #107-13-C, Marshall Jenkin says to Dodd Plum "Backslash Private' in reference to something Dodd knows but remains a secret to the rest of the community. While they may appear to be a poorly planned insult, Marshall is actually referencing a hidden page to Dodd's website for his museum.
  • Typing "/PRIVATE" onto the end of the site ( directs the browser to Dodd's personal photo catalog of his more intimate Blue Lizzy reenactments.

Visit Hawthorn Junction

  • The local tourism board's website hosts various resources for both tourists and residents. One such resource of particular significance to solving what's been going on with the missing tourists is the recorded collection of Hawthorn Junction's Town Council Meeting Minutes.

Meeting #107-13-C

  • The meeting centers around Sheila's desire to be able to develop the chunk of Hawthorn Farms that could make Hawthorn Farmstead a more evenly-shaped community, with extra homes. The Hawthorns are adamant about keeping that portion of land for themselves.
  • Chuck says, "skeleton blah amazing sanity adventure blah dangerous antelope fun blah and blah holiday blah on the way to blah the blah new melody home blah blah why not memory set blah seventeen bellicose electric blah sad unity bell blah blah in blah the long hall withering blah hate blah sun afterlife rose."
  • Decoded using the same Morse code method used to decode Sarah's welcome note, the message reads "TOGETHER FOREVER" as the twins make a stand for their land, but also reaffirm their commitment to each other.

Meeting #107-20-S

  • Chuck says, "chattering blah bats grow old rose blah distilling fortitude sidewinder blah bat soap mint blah take blah blah feverish blah bits salivate decision blah basilisk strawberry tuxedo".
  • Decoded: "THOSE TWO." He is responding to the argument between Dodd Plum and Marshall Jenkin. Harold responds to this by saying he was "getting tired of it", and in this instance, he is responding to Chuck.
  • Later, Sarah says, "brown buttery blah zip sassafras old tea blah too faltering stump it blah blah ghost triplicate blah a syllable find blah ears blah blah cremation Gemini celebrate blah whispering small one blah happiness here now".
  • Decoded: "ALL ARE ODD."
  • To which Harold responds, "that's true". Harold has demonstrated that he understands the twins' coded language.

Meeting #107-23-H

  • This meeting centers around the organization of the next Lizzy on Main festival. According to the minutes, each festival uses the same schedule, meaning that for years the festival has not changed one bit. It can be inferred that if everything stays the same, the timeframes for each character also remain the same.
  • When Charli asks for help during the festival, most people are busy, and have excuses that can be corroborated with information that can be found in other documents (the festival schedule or church pamphlet, for example) except for Harold.
  • Sarah says, "disaster blah on the good old blah will radical blah finally free blah wilderness with abiding blah hole for you blah blah map guess Genesis fit blah clarity enemy archery blah to another one blah blah diary for us and blah delicate underworld lottery blah gathering hail shot blah love coat blah get blah for all time" which, decoded, reads: "THANKS FOR BODIES".
  • Chuck says, "six consummate elements blah for her old man blah with blah gracefully gun blah blah his procession blah did cantaloupe slip blah soon blah blah counterfeit boy blah sip blah desperate hot will abusing blah decibel" which, decoded, reads: "WHEN ARE NEXT".
  • The twins are responding to the instructions left for them in the word search, to "pick up the bodies".

Meeting #107-30-S

  • This meeting is a special meeting at the request of Charli Jenkin. She is distraught over her missing son, Carson. At this point, she does not know where her son is. In fact, she may never know, as she never received the report from Marla that accidentally fell into your hands.
  • Harold seems very keen on protecting the town according to what he says in this meeting. This corroborates the sentiment that Marla picked up on in her interview.
  • Sarah says, "on a hot day blah cry blah blah it blah was two net blah helical tall amplifies hit blah tin coverlet blah slow multiple baptizing hill blah not blah cottages vet why blah blah enchantment cut sole blah red angering blah ten assailants let blah birdcages with afterglow blah to the new blah battlefields up apertures for blah tick acreage blah show commitments for her blah hop". Decoded: "HE ESCAPED DARKSCALE".
  • Chuck responds to his sister, "corrupter blah how blaspheming did blah tip for blah activate wed additive pin blah armoring fit dissemble blah abnegate old activates celebrate blah blah abduction skip shot blah and blah tap or top arisen blah sin for blah no achingly not yet". Decoded: "TRICKY DEVIL".
  • The twins are talking about Carson. They know he was abducted by Darkscale and got away. This meant that Carson's story he told Marla was honest. While he wasn't sure of all the details, he was taken to a kill shed on the edge of the woods. This exchange between the twins, coupled with the conversation in Meeting #107-23-H clearly shows that the twins are working with Darkscale. If Darkscale is the one supplying the bodies for disposal, and the victims are alive when Darkscale gets them, then Darkscale must be the murderer.
  • According to Mayor Roscoe, all abductions take place during the day.
  • Another item of particular interest resides in the photo gallery on the tourism website. One of the images is a scan of a thank you note from the staff of Bingo's diner to the tourism board for their award of "Best Restaurant" fourteen years in a row. All of the staff signed it. Looking closely at the handwriting on the note and the handwriting on the Darkscale illustration of Blue Lizzy reveals a stunning discovery; Harold and Darkscale have the same handwriting. Considering along with the following facts: that Harold understands the twins, when they ask for more bodies he said nothing, Darkscale supplies the puzzles to Bingo's where Harold works. All together these point to Harold being Darkscale.