6:00 PM

  • High school reunion started.

8:15 PM

  • Approximate time that Gavin Nash dosed Charles MacDonagh's drink with valium.

8:40 PM

  • Susan Li left the reunion.

8:55 PM

  • Gavin Nash stepped into janitor closet with Jenny Crane to get busy.
  • *Time is approximate; Gavin thinks they went in a little before 9:00 PM.

9:00 PM

  • High school reunion ended.
  • Antonio Villar left the reunion and sat in the parking lot for a bit. He may or may not have seen Charles MacDonagh drive off with someone.

9:10 PM

  • Susan Li called her lawyer. They spoke for a half-hour or so.

9:12 PM

  • Order was placed by Sarah MacDonagh for delivery at Pizza & Subs located on Willow Ln.

9:22 PM

  • Arthur Hughes posted his blog and karaoke video.

9:32 PM

  • Surveillance footage showed Antonio Villar at the Taverna.

9:35 PM - 9:40 PM

  • Estimated time of death of Charles MacDonagh verified by Dr. Kara Duncan.
  • *In real life, TOD can only be narrowed down to a range of hours, not exact minutes.

9:40 PM

  • Approximate time Gavin Nash arrived at his hotel.

9:42 PM

  • Time on wall clock in Aura McBride's pic of "cleaning up after the reunion" posted on social media.
  • Nicholas Matsoukas was at Manifest Destiki. Or at least his credit card was.

9:45 PM

  • Aura McBride claimed to have finished cleaning up after the reunion a little after this time.
  • Susan Li called Aura McBride. Aura did not answer.

10:00 PM

  • Arthur Hughes arrived at the bar shortly after this time. Antonio Villar was the only other alumni there.

10:10 PM

  • Robyn Dupre arrived at Dimitri's, followed by Gavin Nash and Neeta Patel.

10:15 PM

  • Aura McBride came upon the scene of the crime and discovered Charles MacDonagh's body.