Bar Tab Receipt

  • This places Nic at the Manifest Destiki bar at 9:42 PM, or at least his credit card was there.

CD Case

  • This was found in a box of Charlie's high school memorabilia in his home.
  • It was tucked partway into the fanny pack that we also received.
  • It appears to have been a mix CD to Charlie from his high school sweetheart, Robyn.
    • Wonder what happened to the actual CD...

Crayon Drawing

  • This is a drawing by Maggie, showing her mother and another woman standing over a corpse.
  • So my first instinct was correct and the "N" that Sarah was texting in code with was Neeta! The corpse is Charlie.
    • But why is Maggie smiling?
    • Did she overhear the two women talking and didn't understand the severity of the topic?

Fanny Pack

  • This is a blue fanny pack with 3 zippers - 2 on the front, 1 on the back.
  • On the fanny pack I received, the front 2 zippers were open in the middle and zipped on either side.
    • Not sure if this is a clue or not...
  • There is nothing inside any of the pockets.
  • According to Michelle's letter, this was found in a box of Charlie's high school memorabilia.

Funeral Pamphlet

  • This is a pamphlet from Charlie's funeral that Michelle snagged from Sarah.
  • We get an updated photo of Charlie and a little more background of his life.
  • Assuming Sarah wrote the obit, she is asking that people contribute to her daughter's college fund.

Interview Transcript

  • Haha. Gavin dosed Charlie with Valium unbeknownst to Charlie...
    • What a pal...
  • Gavin explains that he and a chick went into the janitor closet to "relieve a little stress". Ahem.
    • This explains the mess Arthur Hughes noted during his clean-up.
  • I love Michelle's come back to that...
  • We gather more information for our timeline. Gavin claims Charlie's car was already gone by the time Gavin left the building.

Letter from Private Investigator

  • Michelle has done a second run of interviews for Neeta, Robyn, Nic, and Sarah.
  • She tells us how to access her collection of suspect addresses on her website.


  • This is a one-way ticket from Illinois to New York for 2 adults and 1 child.
    • Sarah and her lover (Neeta), and Maggie.
  • There is a coded message on the back. This can be plugged into the auto shifter on DeviantTracker.
  • Once decoded, the message reads:
    • "One more week, love. Can't wait!"
  • This is the same handwriting that was on the gift bag found in Charlie's car.

Updated Witness Statements

Nicholas Matsoukas

  • Nic acknowledges that his mother lied to Michelle during her recent statement. He explains where he was after the reunion and why he wanted to see Charlie afterward.

Robyn Dupre

  • Robyn was very snobbish. She was complaining about having to be interviewed again, claiming she doesn't remember exact times or events.

Neeta Patel

  • So, she admits she went to Sarah and Charlie's house before heading to the diner.
    • To tell Sarah of her successful murder?

Sarah MacDonagh

  • What did Neeta want to drop off? She never mentioned dropping anything off in her statement...