LA Today Newspaper Clipping

  • Gavin is being accused of performing an unwanted surgery on one of his patients out of jealousy of the patient canoodling with his ex-wife.

Letter from Private Investigator

  • So, Nic's mother is the co-owner of the Taverna?
  • Michelle hopes that we'll be able to eliminate "a few more suspects" from the current lineup.
  • Does this mean we'll be able to eliminate more than just one suspect on the recaps page!?

LFoA Internal Memo

  • Nic works for Listening Friends of America! (as noted in Michelle's letter).
    • What a twist!
  • There are small phrases written under lines throughout the memo.
    • "ALICE 3 (superscript) 7 mod 17".
    • "BOB 3 (superscript) 15 mod 17".
    • "Footnote: HvwgkwxzzbchvoddsbouowbBwq."
  • The method used for deciphering is the Diffie-Hellman.
  • Once decoded, the message reads:
    • "ThiswillnothappenagainNic"

Local Newspaper Clipping

  • Robyn Dupre hosted a Farmer's Festival.
    • Booorrriinnngggg.
  • On the flip side, they held a memorial for a horse? lol

Matsoukas' Witness Statement

  • This statement is from Athena Matsoukas, Nic Matsoukas's mother and co-owner of the Taverna.
  • She claims that Nic showed up before everyone else.
    • This contradicts several other witness statements. What is she trying to hide?

Phone Records

  • All phone numbers are redacted for the most part except one...
    • This number belongs to "The Law Offices of Kelly and Kelly". They specialize in insurance in animal law.

Small Note

  • This was found in Charlie's house along with the little troll doll.
  • This note was not written by Charlie. The handwriting does not match that of the Valentine's card.
    • The handwriting belongs to Aura, Charlie's cousin.
  • The paper is yellowed around the edges...
    • It was written before Maggie was born.

Toy Doll

  • This is a little troll doll with pink hair. It was found in Charlie's house along with a slip of paper.
    • *I immediately looked for a hole in the butt to see if it was one of those pencil toppers I used to have as a kid. lol

Valentine's Day Card

  • This was found in Charlie's house.
  • It is from Charlie to his wife, Sarah.
  • Why did Michelle almost regret taking it?