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⍻ Bank Statement

⍻ Corpse Photos

⍻ Drug Test Survey

⍻ Letter from Private Investigator

⍻ Opal Necklace

⍻ Pawn Shop Receipt

⍻ Pharmacy Ledger

⍻ Socks

⍻ Toxicology Report

Physical Items

Bank Statement

  • These are checks back and forth from Charlie and Antonio.
  • A check for $5.00??
  • What is with the memos?
  • The checks are listed newest to oldest (within a few days' span of time). So the order would be:
    • C to A ($6,800 (WOW!)): "Return Cart Here" is dumb
    • A to C ($15.00): All of this is yours
    • C to A ($20.00): Moving isn't a "Product of our time"
    • A to C ($5.00): It Wasn't Out Door Figure Skating
  • The check numbers themselves are too far spaced out for checks to have been written in between. Could these be clues for how to decode the memo messages?
  • The check numbers tell us in which order to read the words in the messages.
  • Once decoded, from oldest to newest, the messages would read:
    • "Here is return"
    • "Is this all"
    • "Product isn't moving"
    • "Figure it out"
  • So, Charlie was still pushing drugs (using Arthur Hughes' expired prescription of Diazepam) and was in business with Antonio Villar.

Corpse Photos

  • These are photos of Charlie's corpse depicting the head trauma and strangulation bruises to the neck.

Drug Test Survey

  • This is an outline of Michelle's observations when she asked the suspects if they would consent to drug tests.
    • Robyn Dupre seemed to answer with no qualms.
    • Arthur Hughes wanted to know how others answered... He claimed he hadn't been on any medications for a while. Why the prescription then, Arthur? Huh? Huh? Huh?
    • Susan Li consented in a calm manner. Maybe a little too calm?
    • Sarah MacDonagh was curious if her drug testing would speed up the investigation.
    • Nicholas Matsoukas agreed if it wouldn't clash with his schedule.
    • Aura McBride put up a fight before agreeing. Why?
    • Gavin Nash declined, playing the privacy-violation card, and was not too happy.
    • Neeta Patel agreed but was nosy about non-related issues pertaining to the case.
    • Antonio Villar thought Michelle was wasting time focusing on the wrong things and would not consent if asked.

Letter from Private Investigator

  • Michelle explains that all evidence from the crime scene has been processed and that most of it has been sent back to her.
  • She tells us of two more items she has sent us: the necklace and socks.
  • She also got the toxicology report back and advises us to compare it with the autopsy report we received in Episode 2.
  • Michelle states that she observed the suspects' reactions when asked if they would consent to a drug test.
    • She has included the observations in our package.
  • Apparently, Arthur Hughes wrote a blog on the night of the murder. Hmm. The plot thickens...
    • Michelle took a screenshot of the blog and included it on her website. She instructs us on how to locate this file.
    • Ah, yes! She did include the video from the blog and gives us instructions on how to access this file as well.
  • Michelle advises us to listen closely to the video, as some of the audio is slightly distracting.
  • I hope Michelle gained access to the pharmacy logs legally!
    • Same goes for Charlie's bank account.

Opal Necklace

  • This is a gold chain necklace with a white opal medallion.
  • It was found in Charlie's car. Michelle thinks it may have been in the car before the night of the murder but it is included as evidence anyway.
  • Could this have belonged to his wife, Sarah?

Pawn Shop Receipt

  • What a name, Salamander Pawn!
  • So, Charlie pawned off his class ring the year after graduation. This is the ring we received in Episode 2, according to Michelle's letter.
  • Did Charlie buy it back or did someone else buy it, keep it all these years, and then leave it at the scene of the crime?
  • Why did Charlie pawn the ring?

Pharmacy Ledger

  • This shows that Arthur was refilling his Diazepam all the way through December. Same amount every time.
    • The refill numbers were never updated.
    • Each refill was admin-approved, meaning Charlie was refilling the prescription even though Arthur's script was expired.


  • This is a black pair of socks with green alien heads printed on them. They are neatly folded and appear to be clean, perhaps never worn.
  • They were found in Charlie's car. Michelle thinks they may have been in the car before the night of the murder but they are included as evidence anyway.
  • In one of the socks is a folded piece of paper. It is blank.
    • Will a blacklight reveal a message?
  • Once revealed, the message reads:
    • "Found these online, reminded me of HS. We should go back to the old delivery system ha ha."
  • Were the socks a gift from Antonio to Charlie? Is that how they transferred drugs in high school, in their socks?

Toxicology Report

  • Charlie proved positive for a major amount of anti-anxiety meds, one of which was prescribed to Arthur Hughes, made evident by the hidden prescription in Episode 2.
    • Greater than 800 ng/mg of diazepam found in his system.
  • Charlie also tested positive for alcohol at .12, which is .4% over the legal limit.


MacDonagh Case


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      • If we click on "Enhance", we can clearly hear the background conversation being held during the taping of Arthur's horrible rendition of "Danny Boy".
        • The conversation was between Charlie and Nic. Nic reveals a big secret that he wishes to be kept secret.
        • This further fuels my theory of Sarah and Nic having an affair. Nic accidentally spilled the beans in a moment of vulnerability and had to make sure Charlie stayed quiet.


  • Antonio Villar
  • Arthur Hughes
  • A̶u̶r̶a̶ ̶M̶c̶B̶r̶i̶d̶e̶
  • Gavin Nash
  • Neeta Patel
  • Nicholas Matsoukas
  • Robyn Dupre
  • S̶a̶r̶a̶h̶ ̶M̶a̶c̶D̶o̶n̶a̶g̶h̶
  • Susan Li


6:00 PM

  • High school reunion started.

8:40 PM

  • High school reunion ended.

9:00 PM

  • High school reunion ended.
  • Antonio Villar left the reunion and sat in the parking lot for a bit. He may or may not have seen Charles MacDonagh drive off with someone.

9:10 PM

  • Susan Li called her lawyer. They spoke for a half-hour or so.

9:12 PM

  • Order was placed by Sarah MacDonagh for delivery at Pizza & Subs located on Willow Ln.

9:22 PM

  • Arthur Hughes posted his blog and karaoke video.

9:35 PM - 9:40 PM

  • Estimated time of death of Charles MacDonagh verified by Dr. Kara Duncan.
  • *In real life, TOD can only be narrowed down to a range of hours, not exact minutes.

9:42 PM

  • Time on wall clock in Aura McBride's pic of "cleaning up after the reunion" posted on social media.

9:45 PM

  • Aura McBride claimed to have finished cleaning up after the reunion a little after this time.
  • Susan Li called Aura McBride. Aura did not answer.

10:00 PM

  • Arthur Hughes arrived at the bar shortly after this time. Antonio Villar was the only other alumni there.

10:10 PM

  • Robyn Dupre arrived at Dimitri's, followed by Gavin Nash and Neeta Patel.

10:15 PM

  • Aura McBride came upon the scene of the crime and discovered Charles MacDonagh's body.


Who is innocent?

  • Arthur Hughes