Bank Statement

  • These are checks back and forth from Charlie and Antonio.
  • A check for $5.00??
  • What is with the memos?
  • The checks are listed newest to oldest (within a few days' span of time). So the order would be:
    • C to A ($6,800 (WOW!)): "Return Cart Here" is dumb
    • A to C ($15.00): All of this is yours
    • C to A ($20.00): Moving isn't a "Product of our time"
    • A to C ($5.00): It Wasn't Out Door Figure Skating
  • The check numbers themselves are too far spaced out for checks to have been written in between. Could these be clues for how to decode the memo messages?
  • The check numbers tell us in which order to read the words in the messages.
  • Once decoded, from oldest to newest, the messages would read:
    • "Here is return"
    • "Is this all"
    • "Product isn't moving"
    • "Figure it out"
  • So, Charlie was still pushing drugs (using Arthur Hughes' expired prescription of Diazepam) and was in business with Antonio Villar.

Corpse Photos

  • These are photos of Charlie's corpse depicting the head trauma and strangulation bruises to the neck.

Drug Test Survey

  • This is an outline of Michelle's observations when she asked the suspects if they would consent to drug tests.
  • Robyn Dupre seemed to answer with no qualms.
  • Arthur Hughes wanted to know how others answered... He claimed he hadn't been on any medications for a while. Why the prescription then, Arthur? Huh? Huh? Huh?
  • Susan Li consented in a calm manner. Maybe a little too calm?
  • Sarah MacDonagh was curious if her drug testing would speed up the investigation.
  • Nicholas Matsoukas agreed if it wouldn't clash with his schedule.
  • Aura McBride put up a fight before agreeing. Why?
  • Gavin Nash declined, playing the privacy-violation card, and was not too happy.
  • Neeta Patel agreed but was nosy about non-related issues pertaining to the case.
  • Antonio Villar thought Michelle was wasting time focusing on the wrong things and would not consent if asked.

Letter from Private Investigator

Michelle explains that all evidence from the crime scene has been processed and that most of it has been sent back to her.

She tells us of two more items she has sent us: the necklace and socks.

She also got the toxicology report back and advises us to compare it with the autopsy report we received in Episode 2.

Michelle states that she observed the suspects' reactions when asked if they would consent to a drug test.

  • She has included the observations in our package.

Apparently, Arthur Hughes wrote a blog on the night of the murder. Hmm. The plot thickens...

  • Michelle took a screenshot of the blog and included it on her website. She instructs us on how to locate this file.
  • Ah, yes! She did include the video from the blog and gives us instructions on how to access this file as well.

Michelle advises us to listen closely to the video, as some of the audio is slightly distracting.

I hope Michelle gained access to the pharmacy logs legally!

  • Same goes for Charlie's bank account.

Opal Necklace

  • This is a gold chain necklace with a white opal medallion.
  • It was found in Charlie's car. Michelle thinks it may have been in the car before the night of the murder but it is included as evidence anyway.
  • Could this have belonged to his wife, Sarah?

Pawn Shop Receipt

  • What a name, Salamander Pawn!
  • So, Charlie pawned off his class ring the year after graduation. This is the ring we received in Episode 2, according to Michelle's letter.
  • Did Charlie buy it back or did someone else buy it, keep it all these years, and then leave it at the scene of the crime?
  • Why did Charlie pawn the ring?

Pharmacy Ledger

  • This shows that Arthur was refilling his Diazepam all the way through December. Same amount every time.
    • The refill numbers were never updated.
    • Each refill was admin-approved, meaning Charlie was refilling the prescription even though Arthur's script was expired.


  • This is a black pair of socks with green alien heads printed on them. They are neatly folded and appear to be clean, perhaps never worn.
  • They were found in Charlie's car. Michelle thinks they may have been in the car before the night of the murder but they are included as evidence anyway.
  • In one of the socks is a folded piece of paper. It is blank.
    • Will a blacklight reveal a message?
  • Once revealed, the message reads:
    • "Found these online, reminded me of HS. We should go back to the old delivery system ha ha."
  • Were the socks a gift from Antonio to Charlie? Is that how they transferred drugs in high school, in their socks?

Toxicology Report

  • Charlie proved positive for a major amount of anti-anxiety meds, one of which was prescribed to Arthur Hughes, made evident by the hidden prescription in Episode 2.
    • Greater than 800 ng/mg of diazepam found in his system.
  • Charlie also tested positive for alcohol at .12, which is .4% over the legal limit.