911 Transcript

  • This is a transcript of Aura McBride's 911 call after she found her cousin's body. It can be read while listening to the actual call provided on Michelle's website.

Autopsy Report

  • Why was he wearing different colored socks?
  • The perpetrator must have worn gloves, so how were there fingernail imprints?
  • They must have been strong or in a real rage to cause that much damage...
  • With the cranial and abdominal trauma, it's possible the passenger caused a car accident and then finished Charlie off with strangulation.

Class Ring

  • This is a gold-plated class ring from Chestnut Falls High School found at the crime scene.
    • We cannot discern if it belonged to a man or woman, as it is a size 8-1/2 and both men and women can have fingers this size.

Email Chain

  • This is an email exchange between Charlie and Susan.
  • Wow, such harsh language in the subject line...
  • Charlie was supplying meds to Susan's veterinary clinic. It seems he misjudged the amount of anesthesia he shipped to her.
    • It must have happened again since Susan is dealing with a lawsuit and she had threatened legal action.

High School Reunion Program

  • This is a program for the Chestnut Falls High School reunion.
  • We get a little background on some of the school alumni.

Legal Complaint

  • This is a copy of the legal complaint Susan Li filed against Charlie's pharmacy.
  • His repeated mistakes finally led to the death of one of Susan's patients.

Letter from Private Investigator

  • Michelle gives us access to the Deviant Tracker on her website.
  • She claims she has ruled out a suspect but that we may disagree with her.

Love Note

  • So, Charlie and Robyn dated in high school.
  • It appears as if they had to break up because of him getting accepted into college and her taking over her family's farm.
  • She was soooo "in love" with him.
    • Did he feel the same?
    • Did he break her heart?

Newspaper Article

  • This article is about Susan Li's patient who died because of Charlie's gross misdosage and mislabeling of medication.


  • This was found in the tin box.

Suspect Photos

  • These show us how our suspects look all grown up.

Tin Box

  • This is a cool little tin box. It was discovered at the crime scene.
  • Inside is a prescription written to Arthur Hughes for anti-anxiety meds.

Witness Statements

Sarah MacDonagh

  • The reason Sarah didn't go to the reunion with Charlie is that their daughter was sick.
  • I'm not buying it. Sounds like big, fat crocodile tears.

Robyn Dupre

  • She didn't see Charlie at all during the reunion.
  • After the reunion, she went home for a bit.
  • She got to Dimitri's at about 10:10 PM. She says Gavin came in after her, and Neeta after him. Nic was pretty late, which she found weird.

Nicholas Matsoukas

  • What did Nic want to talk to Charlie about...?
  • Drug business?
  • Nic reveals the reason he didn't show up right away was that he went to the bar to avoid his mother.

Neeta Patel

  • What a nosy little thing...
  • She claims she left her wallet at the hotel so she went there before the diner. She doesn't know what time she showed up but it was before Nic got there.
  • She was not a very cooperative witness...