3 Days Later

My phone is buzzing.

πŸ“±Ri Zhou: Can you meet me in my office in 30 minutes?

Um... Hmm, I guess?

πŸ“±Nikita: Sure, what's this about?

πŸ“±Ri Zhou: Please don't be late. See you soon.

*The phone call ends*

πŸ“±Nikita: Ri Zhou?

Well, then...

I suppose I'll make my way to the headquarters.

30 Mins Later

Ri Zhou: Come in, Xinshen. Have a seat.

I've come to a realization.

A realization? Hmm.

Nikita: What is your realization?

Ri Zhou: Everyone agreed that Lie saved the day... even you. But that's not the case, is it?

It was you, wasn't it?

Well... not entirely me. What do I say?

Nikita: It was a team effort. I couldn't do it alone.

Ri Zhou: Humble and intelligent... Very respectable, Nikita.

You've impressed me, to be honest. Not many men could take out 60 Sun Yee On members so easily.

We will leave our mark on this world, Nikita. I'm prepared to offer you greatness. You're in.

Nikita: I... I don't know what to say. Thank you so much...

Ri Zhou: You'll find that I promote my gifted members quickly. This is how I rule and this is why I will win in the end.

Nikita: An efficient approach.

Ri Zhou: Your creativity is outstanding, and that's why I've called you here.

Where is he going with this?

Ri Zhou: I know the ricin plan fell through, but I'd like to create a poison that's less dangerous to handle and less well-known.

Nikita: There are many toxins we can use that aren't popular.

Ri Zhou: But acquiring the chemicals may be suspicious. In a perfect world, I'd have a chemical that's toxic and easily acquired, and 100% secret.

Nikita: Well, I suppose you could try to find a new component.

Ri Zhou: That's what I was hoping you'd say. I'd like you to create a poison for me... in bulk.

Nikita: I can do that, but may I ask why?

Ri Zhou: I need to kill some high-profile targets... Very bad men. That's all I'll say at the moment.

Nikita: High-profile murder? How come?

Ri Zhou: You ask a lot of questions, Nikita.

Nikita: To tell you the truth, I think I already know the answer to my question.

I'm assuming these high-profile targets are your business competitors.

And killing these men isn't particularly easy, which is why you want me to make you something special.

*Ri Zhou stares at you intently*

Ri Zhou: Correct.

Nikita: What's the business?

Ri Zhou: Motels.

Nikita: You want me to destroy our competition for your motel business just like I destroyed the Sun Yee On?

Ri Zhou: That's the idea.

Nikita: I have a unique solution, if you'd like to hear it.

Ri Zhou: Obviously, yes.

Nikita: Go bigger. Get a grand hotel on the oceanfront.

Ri Zhou: That's it? That's your plan?

Nikita: There's more. You'll advertise it as the most prestigious hotel with the best rates of all time.

Ri Zhou: And if it's not?

Nikita: The first thing your competition will do is try to undermine you. This much is obvious... And... this is how we will destroy them.

Ri Zhou: Hmm... explain.

Nikita: Your hotel will be a weapon. No one will ever expect this. And, it will kill only whom you want it to kill.

Untraceable, targeted, highly effective... But most of all, it is a magnet. It will attract all of your competitors.

Ri Zhou: The hotel will kill???

Nikita: A beautiful, elegant resort... that kills your competition, no one will ever expect it.

Ri Zhou: How does this work?

Nikita: Untraceable kills require a couple of things: a long timeline, a natural cause of death, and no patterns.

Ri Zhou: But if this hotel kills my competition... there will be a pattern for investigators to find.

Nikita: That's why it is imperative we strictly follow the other two rules: Natural causes and long timelines.

Ri Zhou: This plan is so unconventional... but I want to hear it.

Nikita: It revolves around a very common disease in the elderly.

Ri Zhou: Give our targets cancer on command? Well, that's an interesting approach...

Nikita: Inducing cancer in young people may be suspicious, but in the elderly... no one will bat an eye.

Ri Zhou: In all honesty, I doubt you can make this all happen... but I will give you a chance.

Nikita: And if I do succeed?

Ri Zhou: Well, if you can make a weapon disguised as a legit business that also brings in clean money...

I'd have no choice but to make you my primary incense master.

Nikita: I can hardly wait...

Ri Zhou: I'd still like to have a special poison, but I suppose it can wait.

One more question, how do you plan to induce cancer?

Nikita: Ah, yes, I'm glad you asked.

My technique is just as unconventional as the method of assassination itself.

I'll induce cancer with X-rays. I'll unleash this from specific hotel rooms. More specifically, I'll use lightbulbs.

Ri Zhou: Why x-rays?

Nikita: If we create enough damage to the genes in the subject, cancer will ensue.

This can be done in many ways, formaldehyde, radon, UV, or even alcohol. However...

Radon is far too dangerous. It would seep into the entire building giving us all cancer.

Formaldehyde is a strong-smelling substance, so obviously, we cannot have that.

UV radiation produces skin defects within just an hour of exposure.

Alcohol just isn't potent enough.

However, x-rays are perfect.

Then, we embed some lightbulbs that release X-rays in certain rooms... death rooms, essentially.

Ri Zhou: Death rooms. Well, that's grim.

Nikita: Indeed. So, there you have it... A money-generating, clean business option that kills at your will. And, there will be no trace and no connection to you... ever.

Just choose your targets wisely and place them in a death room.

Ri Zhou: And you're absolutely certain this won't be traced to us?

Nikita: How would one ever manage to make that deduction? I don't think it's possible.

*Ri Zhou thinks for a moment*

He seems quite interested.

Ri Zhou has... this way with people. He somehow... has this aura of trust.

I wish I could work directly with him. Li is fine but... he's too extreme.

*Ri Zhou nods a few times*

Ri Zhou: Okay.

Nikita: Is that all you needed then?

Ri Zhou: No, no, I'll be removing you from Li's control.

Nikita: Huh? Why is that?

Ri Zhou: You start work tomorrow on the hotel. I'll give you any resources you need.

Nikita: Wow, you have a lot of trust in me.

Ri Zhou: You've given me a reason to trust you, just don't let me down. Make your invention... a reality.

Nikita: It shall be done.


*Jenna hears a knock on the door*

Jenna: One moment please, sorry to interrupt.

That's strange... no one ever interrupted us before.

Hmm, maybe I shouldn't disclose everything about Zaido.

I've already told her how it functions, maybe that's enough...

Sometimes, I wonder why I even bother telling this story.

What do I even have to live for at this point?

What does it even matter?

I suppose revealing my life story brings me a purpose.

But what will happen when I sum up the final chapter?

I'll just sit here all alone... in isolation. She's never going to let me out of here. That was never the plan.

I knew it all along anyway, I suppose I just wanted someone to talk to.

What's taking her so long anyway?

*Jenna opens the door*

*Jenna nods at you*

Nikita: Shall I continue?

Jenna: You're in.