Case 95 Pages

Page 95.1

MAYA: This train is kind of late. Hopefully, it will be here soon.

Page 95.2

JENNA: Oh, my god, that poor girl. And, injuring yourself just to sell the joke... I expect nothing less from a Volkov.

Page 95.3

MAYA: Something so weird happened at the train station, Nikita. I still don't get it...

Page 95.4

NIKITA: And that was teleportation. My brother was the one walking with her... I took the previous train and exited earlier to get under the bridge, then he hid, and I appeared under the bridge.

Page 95.5

NIKITA: To make a long story short... I'd get two plates of food and eat them. Then, I'd go to get more food because that place was a buffet... but I'd switch with my brother at this point. After I switched places with my brother, I threw up all the food I just ate into the toilet, and while I...

Page 95.7

NIKITA: Anyway... summer 2002, those were the good old days. That's probably enough for today, though. I'll continue my story tomorrow... on a more serious note.