Roland: The ricin is complete?

*Nikita slowly nods*

Roland: All right, let's move to the next phase of the plan.

Discovering the Sun Yee On's labs.

*You take off the hazmat suit*

Roland: This plan won't get us poisoned, right?

Nikita: I certainly hope not.

Roland: Hmm...

Nikita: We need to locate the Sun Yee On's labs.

Roland: I brought some information that might help.

*Roland hands you some files*

Roland: This is the data we have so far on them.

Nikita: You've already started tracing their product to the source?

Roland: Yes, Li organized the search while you were making ricin.

Nikita: Then this will be even easier than I thought.

*Roland nods*

Roland: Let me know when you're ready to move forward.